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How to Enable End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

Knowing what’s happening in your supply chain is critical to business success.

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In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, business operations are rooted in immediacy. Customers want accurate, real-time updates about orders, field service employees need to fulfill parts requests as they happen, and executives need to track distribution happening halfway around the world. These needs are all fulfilled by a critical supply chain capability: end-to-end visibility.

The Increasing Urgency of Supply Chain Visibility

In a supply chain that spans geographies and multiple trading partners, it’s easy to lose track of products. Consider, for example, a pipe coating company, which manages inventory in multiple locations that collectively span hundreds of acres. Imagine trying to efficiently find a particular piece of inventory with only a manual—and likely inaccurate—report to go by. The search for that inventory causes an increase in labor costs and a significant decrease in customer satisfaction. In a worst-case scenario, the inventory is lost, which could result in debilitating replacement costs, among other damaging outcomes.

Without end-to-end visibility, it’s difficult—if not impossible—to have a firm grasp on what’s happening throughout the supply chain at any given moment, which negatively affects efficiency, product integrity, and the resulting customer experience.

The key to successfully overcoming these challenges is to enable end-to-end supply chain visibility through a digital-enabled supply chain. Our robust portfolio of solutions optimizes every part of your supply chain, which extends beyond merely performing key tasks and processes on mobile devices. With a digital supply chain, you’ll break through the constraints of laggard legacy systems and manual operations to create a seamless, continually updated flow of transactions and information. As a result, you have the capabilities to track the lifecycle of a product while making real-time decisions that spark a performance shift from reactive to proactive.

With a digital supply chain, you’ll break through the constraints of laggard legacy systems and manual operations to create a seamless, continually updated flow of transactions and information.

Our digital supply chain solutions also enable another degree of visibility into your existing enterprise systems. A lack of communication among disparate systems is a critical barrier to complete visibility. Yet because our digital supply chain solutions seamlessly integrate with other systems, you’ll create an unimpeded flow of information that gives you comprehensive insight into your business operations. As a result, you have the data and insights to improve workforce efficiency and resource optimization while eliminating performance inhibitors like over-processing, excessive movement and handling, and inventory mismanagement.

Visibility in Action: The Results

Womble Company, a Houston, Texas– based pipe coating and structural steel company, struggled with manual processes that delayed work and resulted in inaccurate inventory. Delayed information and reports became the norm, rather than the exception, which prevented Womble Company from delivering a timely, accurate customer experience.

By leveraging DSI’s digital supply chain solutions to optimize the company’s inventory management, Womble now has visibility into storage yards that cover 235 acres with more than 2,300 storage locations, which has had a significant impact on the company’s operations.

“Since going live with DSI, we have managed more than 26.4 million individual pipe movements totaling more than 1.14 billion linear feet for our customers, all while improving inventory accuracy to 99.9995 percent,” says Bryan Brewer, IT and operations manager at Womble Company.

Now that Womble Company has the visibility to efficiently manage inventory and meet customer demands for real-time information, the company is well on its way to fulfilling a primary objective that wouldn’t otherwise be possible without end-to-end supply chain visibility: become leaders of the industry through superior customer service.

This advertorial was originally published in the August 2015 JD Edwards special edition of Profit.

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