Modern Business

How Do I . . . Pack for a Trip?

Business wisdom applied to real-life endeavors

By Blair Campbell

Spring 2019

As every seasoned business traveler knows, packing light—and smart—makes all the difference between an enlivening journey that recharges your batteries and a hassle-plagued trip that depletes them. Most experts suggest starting with a packing list, but it’s important to exercise restraint. If you pack for literally every potential need, the point of the trip can quickly become using the things you’ve brought with you.

This can be the downfall of a poor technology strategy as well. The point of new solutions isn’t simply to use them; it’s to take advantage of them in pursuit of a higher goal. So a thorough assessment phase involving careful consideration of what you have and what you'll need going forward is a step that can't be skipped.

And, just as with travel, organizations can learn new things along their IT journey—whether that’s a transition to the cloud or the implementation of emerging technologies—that make them smarter and more efficient.

1. Gear up.

It’s crucial to put as much care into picking the right versatile suitcase as you would into selecting the right technology partners and vendors. This nimble suitcase can take you wherever you want to go, and it won’t drag you down.

2. Assess.

Before your trip, consider the weather forecast and your schedule at your destination. Select the items that best fit these conditions, and go for things that fulfill a dual purpose whenever possible.

3. Keep going.

With the right suitcase containing the right items, travel becomes so streamlined and liberating there’s no need to limit yourself to one destination. And when you return home, you maintain your sense of being a traveler, keeping that mind-expanding perspective with you in daily life.

Illustrations by Wes Rowell