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How CHROs Can Help with Digital Disruption

Human resources leaders play an important role in supporting a dynamic and changing business model.

February 2016

Today’s executives fear getting disrupted by a digital upstart from outside their industry, the way Uber upset the taxi industry with its ride-booking service. While upstart competition is not a new phenomenon, the way upstarts enter the market on a small scale, then grow at a rapid pace digitally outside traditional industry bounds, is a recent trend. This trend not only has created new opportunities for industry convergence, but also has created unexpected competition that forces executives to redefine boundaries. Brian Martin, associate partner, Center of Excellence Leader for Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud (Oracle HCM Cloud) at IBM, discusses how this change in business dynamic is requiring chief human resources officers (CHROs) to rethink the skills and technology required to support a dynamic and changing business model.

How can the CHRO help companies compete in an era of digital disruption?

The CHRO can focus on the critical roles required to help the organization engage differently with customers to offer new services, goods, and experiences. This involves identifying pivotal roles that create unique physical and digital customer experience within an industry and in collaboration with other industries, and developing a deeper understanding of employee engagement and what motivates employees. To support the organization in redefining new business boundaries, collaboration and rapid skill development will become an increasing focus.


Brian Martin, IBM


What role does analytics play?

Analytics can help to identify the talent needed to foster a nimble workforce that can respond to the fast pace of market disruption. CHROs can apply workforce analytics to better source, allocate, and develop employees. They can foster a culture that drives analytics-based decision-making. And they can enable line managers to access and act upon workforce insights. They can also assess skills and find weak links to strengthen to help ensure that the organization has the right talent to exploit new trends and technologies.

How can CHROs leverage technology to address these challenges?

CHROs across the globe are turning to Oracle HCM Cloud. It offers a modern HCM solution that is broader and deeper than anything else in the marketplace. IBM is uniquely positioned to help bring Oracle HCM Cloud to reality. IBM provides a host of capabilities, including industry expertise, analytic capability, systems integration, and application management. It can tap into a global cadre of experts who understand not only the challenges of today’s HR function, but also how HR can deliver value to the larger organization.

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What is IBM’s approach to creating more value for Oracle HCM Cloud customers?

IBM has managed services available for Oracle HCM Cloud customers after their go-live. This can include ticket desk, minor enhancements, configuration support, change management, training, integration support, security administration, testing of new releases, and many other activities. To assist with talent acquisition, IBM offers Process Outsourcing for Taleo, where IBM can supplement your recruiting team with skilled resources when needed. IBM Global Financing can be enlisted to bundle all aspects of the transition to cloud into a payment stream that meets operational cost requirements. Tapping into a wealth of client experience, research, and thought leadership, as well as its own internal HR knowledge and expertise, IBM has the tools, the experience, and the people to help solve difficult human capital challenges.


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