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High-Tech Housing

FYI: Green

November 2016

Graduate students in City College of New York’s architecture program recently designed a lean, green solution to help the city’s homeless, and it uses 3-D printing.


The HOME(less) + HOUSING project offers a low-cost, high-production alternative to traditional building techniques, providing dome-like housing modules that can be arranged to fit different sites at different scales. The design uses Branch Technology’s Cellular Fabrication technique of 3-D printing, a method that combines large-scale robotics, sophisticated algorithms, and carbon composite materials. 3-D printing reduces the cost, lead times, and labor required for the buildings’ construction, helping address the financial constraints that social agencies are under. To improve efficiency, units would be built to collect and use gray water, and windows would be arranged on the outer core allowing for maximum light and shade throughout the day. “Everyone deserves good housing,” says the design team’s Ryan Cerone. “3-D printing might offer a more efficient and cost-effective way to provide quality permanent housing.” Learn more at

Photography by Shutterstock