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Helping Enterprises Succeed in a Data Driven World

Intel and Oracle are collaborating to bring customers enterprise-grade big data solutions that drive competitive advantage.

May 2015

Today, data is fast becoming the currency of the future. Business transactions occur online, enterprises collaborate around the world, and millions of bytes of data are transmitted digitally every second. Michael Greene, vice president and general manager of Systems Technologies and Optimization at Intel Corp., discusses how Intel is partnering with Oracle to help enterprise leaders embrace the right infrastructure to capture big data in all its forms and use the right Oracle tools to create the foundation for big data analytics innovation.

Q: What challenges do enterprises face in a data driven world?

Enterprises want to gain unique insights about their customers and to offer customers more responsive and personalized experiences. And while any big corporation today has a large customer base with a huge quantity of available information, it takes a tremendous amount of software just to manage the volume of data and lots of processing power to mine the data and refine it into usable and actionable information— which is where the value is realized. As big data platforms offer more computing power and more extensive analytics, we are actually moving to a world where enterprises can be proactive in engaging with and offering personalized support for customers to provide competitive advantage. Enterprises need to harness big data, process it quickly, and analyze it in a secure manner. This is where the partnership between Intel and Oracle provides competitive opportunities by leveraging the best hardware, software, and business solutions that our companies together can provide.


Michael Greene, Vice President and General Manager of Systems Technologies and Optimization at Intel Corp.


Q: What are some important big data analytics trends?

Open source technologies like Hadoop and Spark are rapidly becoming the foundation for big data platforms because they harness innovative thinking generated in the community. Collaboration in the open source community provides ways to address broad big data issues and provide solutions for common big data infrastructure challenges that many can leverage. So, with the work Intel is doing with Apache Hadoop software framework and our partnerships with Oracle and Cloudera, we are looking at how to solve issues with large-scale, data-intensive applications and how to get better solutions into the hands of those who need them. Finding insights rapidly from big data is also a challenge, so we are working with partners around Spark, such as AMPLab and Databricks, to address horizontal analytics engine issues to enable real-time analytics. Another critical trend is predictive analytics. So much of analytical data has been historical, but by combining big data and compute power, analysts now can make predictions and check the validity of hypotheses in real time. This makes it possible to quickly translate new findings into critical insights.

Q: What tools and technologies are critical for delivering on the promise of big data?

People often focus only on size when it comes to big data, but variety is also important. Enterprises need to have the infrastructure to funnel relevant data from this vast array and combine it securely with data management, data visualization, and advanced analytics tools to gain real-time insights from the data. Intel’s work on Hadoop infrastructure, combined with Oracle Big Data Appliance, Oracle Big Data SQL and Oracle business intelligence applications, provide the capabilities to mine the data in real time. The combination also provides scalability in both storage and processing power so that as the data center grows, it is easy to ultimately run thousands of applications working together to provide faster answers.

The Oracle and Intel partnership has a long history of innovation in data management. As data management expands to include Hadoop, NoSQL, and relational we are again together pushing the boundaries of the technology.”—Çetin Özbütün, senior vice president, Data Warehousing and Big Data Technologies, Oracle

Q: What is Intel’s big data software strategy?

Our vision is to transform computing experience and create a foundation for big data analytics innovation by providing software and services for connected computing anywhere, anytime, on any Intel Architecture (IA) device. We lead though our deep understanding of IA and how it can be enhanced in software. Our software engineers are working on determining how new features, including data protection, nonvolatile memory, and accelerators on the silicon roadmap, can be leveraged in big data technologies such as Hadoop and Spark. In addition, we are actively contributing in areas such as security, scalability, and cloud in the open source community. We are also working with the community on standardizing performance benchmarks. We leverage our partners, such as Cloudera and Oracle, to optimize their big data software to take advantage of silicon features, and we capitalize on innovations in industry analytics to provide the best big data experiences.

Q: How is Intel enabling its big data strategy through collabor­ative work with partners such as Oracle?

We consistently work with leading data analytics providers such as Oracle to build high performance, secure, and cost-effective big data platforms. But beyond the actual technology piece, working in tandem with Oracle allows us to analyze customer use cases to make sure our work truly considers the customer point of view. We understand that customers don’t necessarily buy software or hardware. They have problems to be solved, and they are looking to purchase solutions to these problems. We not only focus on today’s needs, but through our partnership with Oracle, we also work together to identify future business challenges. This forward focus enables us to begin to forecast how Intel architecture and Oracle software can evolve to better address the future needs of our joint customers. It’s a strategy we’ve used for 21 years with Oracle, providing us both with great insights that deliver real value for customers.

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