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Head to the Cloud

Infratects offers tailored EPM solutions that reduce costs and increase security.

February 2015

As a leading IT consultancy with expertise in Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management infrastructure design, Infratects is at the forefront of moving enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions into the cloud. Soner Bekir, managing director at Infratects, discusses why transitioning EPM to the cloud can be a smart move.

Q: What are the advantages to moving Oracle solutions, including EPM, to the cloud?


Soner Bekir, Managing Director, Infratects


A: Moving to the cloud reduces initial costs as you pay on a per-user, per-month basis. Companies can avoid making a significant up-front investment. The cloud allows them to get the latest version of software and to make sure their solution stays reliable and stable.

Q: What are the benefits of moving EPM solutions to the cloud?

A: That depends on whether or not you have an EPM solution in place already. If you don’t have one in place and are still relying on spreadsheets for your consolidation and reporting, transitioning to EPM in the cloud is actually pretty painless because it doesn’t require in-house expertise for the implementation. You’ll still have to build applications, reports, and dashboards, but you would have to do that anyway. If you already have an existing EPM environment but you don’t have strong technical expertise in-house, moving to the cloud can help keep your costs down and speed up implementation when you upgrade to the next version.

Q: What does Oracle bring to the table in terms of EPM solutions and the cloud?

A: Oracle has spent the last few years re-engineering the EPM suite to make it cloud-friendly. By “cloud-friendly,” I mean that they have standardized a lot of the technologies that are involved in the EPM suite. By standardizing the software, they’ve delivered a lot of benefits across the suite.

We know which customers are on which boxes, we know what’s available in terms of resources down to the last component, and we never overclock what we sell.”

Q: What is Infratects’ strategy for Oracle customers?

A: We provide our clients with hosting solutions that are truly tailored to their EPM needs. We design with the future in mind, with extra capacity, so nothing has to be replaced for the next three to five years. Our 40 EPM experts also design environments that are totally portable and very secure. Obviously security is really crucial, particularly if your company is stock-listed.

In terms of EPM cloud solutions, it’s important to note that many of our competitors have no insight into or control over the infrastructure behind the cloud service, so they can’t respond to complex security challenges or offer predictable service for your EPM environment. Infratects offers a cloud solution that is owned and operated by us. We buy the servers, the switches, and the data center capacity, and build it all ourselves. We know which customers are on which boxes, we know what’s available in terms of resources down to the last component, and we never overclock what we sell. We actually allocate less than what is available on the underlying infrastructure. That strategy gives us predictability, and the confidence that we will not have performance issues related to infrastructure.

This advertorial was originally published in the February 2015 edition of Profit.

Infratects and Oracle


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