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Born without a green thumb? Then you may want to check out Edyn, a smart gardening system with a solar-powered sensor tracking everything your crops need to thrive, from light to soil nutrition, and an app that sends helpful hints to your phone about what plants to grow, what fertilizer to use—and even when it’s time to harvest. And yes, if you choose, your Edyn system can water for you, adjusting its schedule based on how rainy it’s been and what your plants need.


Edyn is the brainchild of Jason Aramburu, a social entrepreneur with deep roots in the food sustainability world. “Edyn is dedicated to changing the way we grow by incorporating smart technologies, and we hope it can inspire other companies to think about ways we can create a sustainable food system that lasts for generations,” he told Profit.

Edyn made a big splash at January’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where judges named it a Best of Innovation honoree in the “Tech for a Better World” category. Edyn is currently available for preorder on the Edyn website (US$159.98 for a garden sensor and water valve), and will officially launch in Home Depot this spring. More at

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