Case Studies

Getting a Clear View

By Alan Joch

November 2011

For a year before the launch of a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation, Kenya Airways management spoke with business and technology experts throughout the world to research the right technology solutions and identify best practices for business modernizations. An important component in this investigation was Oracle Insight, a business strategy development program that helps organizations determine internal objectives, identify challenges, and develop technology solutions.

In the Oracle Insight program, customers work closely with Oracle business and IT strategy experts to identify the critical objectives and challenges for their unique business needs and understand how technology can help address them. The Oracle Insight program was created to bring Oracle’s deep industry experience, technical skills, and extensive knowledge of business and IT issues directly to customers in a one-on-one collaborative setting.

The key for Kenya Airways was the methodology the Oracle Insight staff provided the airline to help it perform a cost/benefit analysis for the new project.

“Part of our governance practice is that before we embark on a project we not only qualitatively walk through what the project will accomplish, we quantitatively analyze the cost and benefits,” says Kevin Kinyanjui, information systems director and CIO at Kenya Airways. “Together we worked out the numbers.”

For example, with help from Oracle Insight, Kenya Airways executives analyzed how the staff interacted with the HR department, what the associated costs were with the legacy application, and what savings they could expect from an automated system. Oracle Insight also took on the role of quality assurance to document how well the new Oracle E-Business Suite implementation achieved the process re-engineering required to bring about the desired benefits.

“We received excellent guidance and methodologies for analyzing the potential value of the project,” Kinyanjui says. “And now they are tracking the benefits of our three-year journey.”

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