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Jet Stream

FYI: Gadget


Science fiction may have promised a future filled with jet packs, but for now we’ll have to make due with the Jetovator. This water-powered device, which looks like a bike minus the wheels, sends riders flying 25 feet into the air using the water thrust of a Jet Ski (via a 40-foot hose).

Jetovator inventor Rob Innes has trained hundreds of people to soar and dive like seabirds, including his 70-year-old father. “The bike is lightweight with intuitive controls,” he explains. “And you’re not strapped in, which makes people feel more comfortable. You may fall a few times while you’re learning, but once you get it, it’s not tiring at all. It’s just like riding a bike.” Innes says daredevils can even throw in a few barrel rolls and backflips.

“It’s really satisfying when you can get someone up in the air flying in a few minutes,” says Innes. “It’s a fun toy. You can do anything from mild to wild.” For a new thrill ride, visit

Photography by Shutterstock