Cloud Computing


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure drives digital transformation.

By Alison Weiss

Spring 2019

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is Oracle’s enterprise-grade IaaS platform for organizations seeking to run mission-critical workloads securely in the cloud—workloads that include databases and applications, which have traditionally been on premises. Here, Kyle York, vice president of product strategy for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, discusses how the platform helps businesses of all types and sizes gain a competitive advantage as they digitally transform.

Profit: How does Oracle Cloud Infrastructure help customers become future-ready?

York: When you think about enterprise customers, they’ve been investing in technology both on premises for decades and in the cloud just more recently. With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the value for our customers is they can protect those existing investments on premises and simply move those systems to the cloud. We allow our customers to leverage the benefits of the cloud without having to say goodbye to all the resources put into their infrastructure. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers a cloud purpose-built for enterprise workloads so customers can easily and securely move these existing workloads to the cloud but also embrace emerging technologies.

Profit: Why is Oracle Cloud Infrastructure a good fit for startups?

York: Startups are all about innovation, scaling their businesses, and disrupting markets. They don’t differ in the way they think about innovation compared to larger companies. The difference comes from a startup’s vision and how it’s led. And they have to consider how technology can help accelerate that innovation differentiation in the market. Although Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is purpose-built for the enterprise, it provides startups with an enterprise framework, because regardless of their size, businesses need security first when workloads are so central to their most critical asset: their data.

Profit: Are there specific ways Oracle is helping startups learn about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?

York: We collaborate closely through Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem, particularly with our developer relations work, to build community and affinity in the startup ecosystem. We’re focused on developers because they use cloud platforms day in and day out. In the end, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a startup or an enterprise: Developers are trying to figure out how to leverage our cloud for data-intensive, high-performance computing. All great startups aspire to be large, successful businesses someday, and we believe we’ve built a cloud that can scale with any growth journey.

Photography by John Benford/Getty Images