Oracle OpenWorld

Five Ideas: From Larry Ellison

October 2016

Larry Ellison, Oracle executive chairman and chief technology officer, always draws a big crowd to his Oracle OpenWorld keynotes.


Here, you can watch Ellison’s opening-night keynote on demand. Plus, get inspired by what Ellison has said at Oracle OpenWorld, and in other speeches this year, regarding Oracle’s investment in all three layers of the cloud. Also, don’t miss his advice to this year’s college graduates.

“We’re kind of an overnight success—if you call 10 years one night.” —Ellison: Oracle to Give Amazon 'Serious Competition'

“You run an Oracle database on-premises, on your own hardware, and you can move that data to our cloud—it’s compatible.” —Larry Ellison, Oracle Cloud, and the Power of 3

“Security might be the single most important issue customers face in migrating from their on-premises data centers to these cloud super data centers. And, as they used to say at Ford a long time ago, security is job 1 here at Oracle with the move to the cloud.” —Larry Ellison Lays It on the Line: 5 Highlights from Oracle OpenWorld

“We’ve made the investments. We have the right technology with our second-generation data centers, and we’re very excited about the potential for Oracle with the combination of PaaS and infrastructure as a service for our huge installed base of database customers and helping them move to the cloud.” —Larry Ellison: Oracle Has 2 Focus Points for Fiscal Year Ahead

“In a constantly changing world, what is possible is a moving target. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try lots of different things.” —Larry Ellison to Graduates: ‘Live Your Dreams, Not the Dreams of Others’

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