ERP Cloud

Finding the Right Partner

Lessons learned during an implementation project

By Margaret Lindquist

Fall 2019

After selecting Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud, Textron released an RFP to identify an implementation partner. “After receiving the documents back and comparing the strengths of the groups, we selected Oracle Consulting, primarily due to their knowledge of the product,” says Kelli Gudz, Textron’s senior finance systems manager. Here are a few of the lessons she learned during the project.

Partners make all the difference

Gudz emphasizes the importance of doing your research before selecting an implementation partner and making sure the partner melds well with your team. “You have to make sure that you’ve got that right partner working for the same common goal of a successful implementation.”

Find someone who takes the time to understand your processes

In the project’s first week, the Oracle Consulting team walked Gudz and her colleagues through the different financial modules. Because the consulting team took the time to understand Textron’s processes and then recommend improvements that best fit with the Oracle system, Gudz felt more comfortable with the pace of the implementation. “They didn’t demand that changes take place,” she says.

Make sure the prospective implementation partner has technical and functional knowledge

Making sure that the consulting team is well staffed with technical and functional resources is a prerequisite for a successful implementation. “Our Oracle team members knew the behind-the-scenes of the system,” says Gudz.

Pay attention to postimplementation plans

Implementation partners need to have a plan for post-go-live support to ensure a strong foundation enabling the corporate team to move forward and get ample support from the partner to resolve any outstanding issues. “Oracle Consulting supported us for about eight weeks after go-live. We didn’t feel like ‘OK, we’ve gone live, and it’s now up to us to handle everything,’” says Gudz.

Action Items

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