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Financing IT in Challenging Times

Oracle Financing Steps Up to Help Customers Get the IT They Need.

August 2009

Over its 20 years of leadership in software financing, Oracle Financing has helped more than 10,000 Oracle customers in nearly 60 countries acquire the IT they need. Profit spoke with Anil Vora, vice president of Oracle Financing, to see why, in these uncertain times, working with Oracle Financing makes good business sense.

Profit: What is Oracle Financing?

Vora: Oracle Financing offers payment solutions for Oracle software—applications, database, and middleware—and services, such as education and consulting, as well as for multivendor solutions that include partner software, services, and hardware.

Profit: Does it make sense to invest in IT now, with current market conditions?

Vora: During uncertain economic times, customers are looking to their IT investment to play a significant role in deriving value from their business operations. IT projects in the current environment need to show a compelling financial justification and quick payback. Oracle solutions help customers achieve these objectives.

Profit: How does Oracle Financing help customers invest in IT?

Vora: Companies are looking to IT to generate economic returns. At the same time, tough economic conditions are elevating the pressure on IT professionals to contain costs and conserve cash. A smart way for customers to stretch their IT budgets is to take advantage of flexible payment options from Oracle Financing. Benefits to customers include reducing up-front cash outlay, preserving credit lines, obtaining total solution financing from a single source, and aligning payments to productivity benefits derived from the software.

Profit: How has the credit crisis affected Oracle Financing’s ability to offer attractive terms?

Vora: We cannot credit-approve all the proposals that come our way. Nevertheless, Oracle continues to have broad credit-approval bandwidth. We have competitive rates and a solid foundation for funding. In other words, we’re open for business.

Profit: Why should customers consider Oracle Financing over other methods or sources of financing?

Vora: Oracle Financing offers customers a single source for comprehensive and flexible payment solutions to acquire the IT products and services they need to succeed. The application and approval process is quick and hassle-free. Our combination of technology knowledge and financing expertise is unmatched.

Profit: Is Oracle Financing a better fit for large or midsize customers?

Vora: Large customers appreciate the flexibility of our payment structures, and midsize customers appreciate the availability of financing. Our goal is to help companies take a long-term view of their IT and business solutions. No matter what size you are, we can help you look at the technology you need now and how it will scale as your needs change.

Profit: Why do executives like Oracle Financing?

Vora: Payment plans that are tailored to their specific business requirements and specific budgets allow decision-makers—whether they are executives, finance groups, or IT personnel—to implement and realize the value of the latest technology in the quickest, most cost-efficient manner possible. Financing solutions help companies better manage their capital, freeing up cash flow and leaving more capital available for investment in the core business. <>

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