Special Report: Finance

March 2017

“A company’s data is its most valuable weapon,” according to Steve Miranda, Oracle’s executive vice president of applications development. And yet, very few of today’s finance teams make the best use of the data they have.


How can modern technologies, such as the cloud, help finance leaders leverage data to react to a changing market? That’s one of the things you can discover by attending Modern Finance Experience Oracle’s premier event for CFOs and finance officers, being held this April in Boston.

Get started by learning more about the changing role of the CFO, and hear from successful customers who have used technology to transform their organizations.

How Fintech Is Powering the Global Economy
Internet use in third-world regions is growing exponentially—and those emerging markets also hold enormous opportunity for fintech.

What Is the Real Value of Artificial Intelligence in Finance?
As a company that started in the database business 40 years ago, Oracle has so much anonymized data that we can offerdata as a service(DaaS) to our customers. When combined with your own company’s data, we can provide customized insights to help enhance business performance.

A Fintech Innovator's Race to the Cloud
The banking and capital markets sector is starting to embrace cloud-based software and systems, setting off a race-to-the-moon type of competition for fintech innovators such as Calypso Technology.

Fast-Growing Fintech Ready for the Future with ERP in the Cloud
With Oracle ERP Cloud, Payscout can efficiently report sales and revenue, track by merchant codes, and much more—all built into the solution. “The strength of Oracle ERP Cloud will enable us to better support the entrepreneurial dream of our global client base,” said Dan Gardner, Payscout’s chief financial officer.

Fixed and mobiletelecomoperatorOrange(formerly FranceTelecom) is consolidating its financial systems to free its corporate finance people to do higher-level work in support of a companywide transformationinitiative, dubbed Essentials 2020.

A Lingerie Merchant and a Doorbell Inventor Walk into a Room: A NetSuite Story
Smaller companies, which have less margin for error than companies with deeper pockets, depend on cloud ERP technology to help them pursue unique strategies.

How a Concrete Manufacturer Is Changing the Face of Finance
Corporate finance can no longer simply provide an accurate accounting of the past; it has to provide the right data and analysis to drive future decisions.

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