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So, in a stroke of total genius I took time during the final days Profit magazine production to travel to New York for two social media confabs. What's the only thing better than sleeping less than four hours a night while grinding your teeth in anxiety about missing print deadlines? Doing it on the road, in another time zone. Way to go, editor-in-chief. You get a Fail Whale.

The first event, "How Social Media Marketing is Driving Business Results" was hosted by social media consultancy Syncapse during Internet Week New York. The focus was on research (PDF) Syncapse conducted to measure the value of a Facebook follower to companies that have active, managed presences on the social network.

In the spirit of the event, I've posted my Twitter liveblogging of the session below. Can you feel the Web 2.0 real-timiness?

Via @OracleProfit

  • Re: social media "If you're not going to innovate, you're going to become dependent on Facebook." -D Armano, Edelman Digital @ Internet Week 6:52 AM Jun 11th
  • At #iwny, Watching @scissons present research re: ROI from Facebook marketing. Will share interesting stuff. 7:04 AM Jun 11th 
  • Brand fans on Facebook: spend $71.84 more on businesses they like. 28% more likely to continue using. 41% more likely to recommended. #iwny 7:07 AM Jun 11th 
  • One calculation of average Facebook fan value: spend+loyalty+recommendations+earned media = $136.38 (via @scissons) #iwny 7:11 AM Jun 11th 
  • Most valuable brands on Facebook: Adidas, Dove, Nutella(!), Coca-Cola, Motorolla, Playstation, XBox, and others. (via @scissons) #iwny 7:25 AM Jun 11th 
  • Paraphrasing Brian Wallace of RIM: There is media value in letting followers observe positive interactions via social media. #whatmetrics? 7:30 AM Jun 11th 
  • Paraphrasing @scissons: only way to successfully measure social media interactions is to centralize the publishing infrastructure. #iwny 7:45 AM Jun 11th 
  • Paraphrasing RIM's Brian Wallace: so you have fans and they like your brand/content. Now what? What do you want them to do? #iwny Fri Jun 11 07:50:40 2010 
  • Effectively targeting social media interactions will require CRM functionality & intergration btwn enterprise data & external networks #iwny Fri Jun 11 07:58:15 2010 
Mere days later, I was at TWTRCON, a one-day event focused on the business use of Twitter. Presenters included social media mavens from multinationals like Starbucks, Google, PepsiCo, AT&T, Dell, and others. Plus: @MarthaStewart!

Cue the @OracleProfit live feed:

  • Been at #TWTRCON for 5 mins. Best advice upon entering: "Be real. Use your best judgment." says @pistachio
  • Do not obsess with follower numbers, says @pistachio. Track clickthroughs, conversions, RTs, & conversational context. #TWTRCON 5:33 AM Jun 14th
  • Says @pistachio: If you have employees who waste time on Twitter, you don't have a social media problem--you have an HR problem. 5:35 AM Jun 14th
  • "Etiquette is effectiveness." @pistachio #TWTRCON 5:48 AM Jun 14th
  • "Why am I so excited about Twitter?" asks @pistachio. Billions more mobile devices than web-based browsers. #TWTRCON 5:53 AM Jun 14th
  • RT @TWTRCON: Twitter is the number one driver to the @LiveStrong website - more than Google. #TWTRCON 6:21 AM Jun 14th
  • #TWTRCON talks about geolocation & direct marketing on Twitter. Compare/connect follower data & behavior with CRM systems? 7:07 AM Jun 14th
  • How to evolve location-based services like @foursquare into legitimate enterprise-class loyalty program? #TWTRCON 7:09 AM Jun 14th
  • While services like @foursquare connect people to locations, @stickybits connects people to products. #TWTRCON 7:12 AM Jun 14th
  • "We're on the cusp of an incredible revolution in location-based services." says @dens #TWTRCON 7:18 AM Jun 14th
  • "We see a convergence happening between existing enterprise systems and social media," says @engle. #TWTRCON 7:38 AM Jun 14th
  • RT @MarthaStewart: String cheese tastes a lot like cheese curds. 8:15 AM Jun 14th
  • Now at #TWTRCON, @MarthaStewart  presenting on Twitter's role in OmniMedia. Mon Jun 14 08:17:15 2010
  • "To fake it, is not really using the medium in the proper way." says @MarthaStewart at #TWTRCON Mon Jun 14 08:22:58 2010
  • At #TWTRCON, @MarthaStewart says she limits her Twitter activity to five minutes per day. Gets facts, does instant surveys. Mon Jun 14 08:40:36 2010
  • Says @MarthaStewart: she has readers, viewers, listeners, followers & more. Must be where yr customers are. "Use the media!" #TWTRCON Mon Jun 14 08:42:26 2010
  • "You can't have a relationship with a logo." -Frank Eliason, Comcast #TWTRCON Mon Jun 14 11:10:12 2010
  • Re: "brand hijack" on Twitter: kill them with kindness, offer them help,  change their minds says Frank Eliason, Comcast. Mon Jun 14 11:22:19 2010
  • Using secure social media login for authentication on yr web properties could promote interaction & pull users towards yr business #TWTRCON     Mon Jun 14 12:29:35 2010 


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