Editor’s Choice: The Best of 2018

Profit’s editors pick their favorite articles of the year

December 2018

Profit’s editorial team members had a lot of great stories to choose from this year as they picked out their personal favorites.

The stories that made the final cut include in-depth features on customers including iGeolise, an innovative company that created a search engine that lets users search for destinations based on travel time, and healthcare leader QMP, which is using autonomous technology from Oracle to better serve patients. The list of favorites also includes smart thought leadership pieces on how companies should be strategizing about and deploying emerging technologies such as AI, machine learning, blockchain, and chatbots.

“New technology is making its way into the enterprise at an accelerating rate,” says Profit editor in chief Aaron Lazenby. “Our editors’ picks focus on the ways innovation is changing the way we do business—and the strategies required for future success.”

A Matter of Minutes
iGeolise goes big with a revolutionary new way to think about travel time.

When Life Imitates Art
Will AI transcend the human experience?

Bridging the Gap
Oracle pioneers innovative educational and technological programs around the world to help deserving communities thrive.

Evolving the Enterprise
Award-winning CIOs discuss how emerging technologies require a change in focus, strategy, culture, and infrastructure.

The Best Medicine
Faster results. Peace of mind. QMP and autonomous technologies are transforming healthcare.

How Machine Learning Can Improve Recruiting
With the right strategy, computers can find correlations that humans overlook, leading to better candidates.

Are You Prepared for Autonomous Capabilities?
Autonomous is set to dramatically transform industries. Here’s how your organization can be ready.

Raise Your Voice
With the rise of voice search, companies can engage conversationally with customers and more intelligently meet their needs.

The New Data Capitalist
How companies of every size can make the most of new data consumers

Ledger Test
Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service helps cloud native fintech Biz2Credit provide billions of dollars in merchant cash advances.

Is Blockchain Right for You?
Oracle Insight’s framework can help companies evaluate this hot technology using six major criteria.

How to Train Your Chatbot
Automated chat is more prevalent every day; here’s how to manage it.

Toyota Concept Vehicle Embodies “Mobility Economy”
The future is here: A driverless electric vehicle that can serve interchangeably as a taxi, delivery van, store, office, restaurant, and even a hotel room.

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