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Easier Acquisitions

Autonomous data integration and scalability are key to success.

By Tara Swords

Fall 2019

Before Oracle, Vodafone Fiji’s data came from multiple sources and platforms, predominantly network nodes. But when your main growth engine is acquisitions, disparate systems can quickly get out of hand. With Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, Vodafone Fiji can extract, move, and transform data—and drive better value out of those acquisitions.

“Data integration is much easier for remote data feeds, which was previously very tedious to achieve. With a heterogeneous set of connectors and adapters that can connect to almost any back-end systems, connecting and building business process and data flows around any one of our local business has never been simpler,” according to Prasad.

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse’s scalability options have helped the company deal with unpredictable, ad hoc, last-minute requests, and its autonomous nature offloads a lot of tedious technical work that would have required specialized skills that are in high demand in a small job market such as Fiji’s.

“With respect to the acquisitions, the same three-member team has been able to deliver quadruple the workload quite effectively,” Prasad says. “In effect, this means four times the efficiency.”

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