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Disruptive Distilling

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Disruptive Distilling


For generations, the time-honored tradition of aging quality bourbon whiskey has been untouched by technology. A new upstart, Cleveland Whiskey, has brought in the game changer: a pressure aging distilling system that cuts the long-established aging process from years down to less than a week. Developed by entrepreneur Tom Lix, the fast-track distilling operation uses stainless steel vats with sections of wood inside. Oxygen is infused into the tanks, accelerating the process of the raw liquid being absorbed and expelled from the wood. The result is a 100 proof whiskey that tastes as if it has been aged for years. To prove it, Lix has put his product through blind taste tests against a similar but well-aged bourbon. “One out of two people prefers Cleveland Whiskey versus one of the market-leading, small-batch bourbons,” says Lix. “When people taste our whiskey, they are pretty happy with it.”

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