Digital Transformation

Five Ideas: Digital Transformation

July 2017

Artificial intelligence, blockchain, the Internet of Things, 3D printing. There’s no doubt that technology is having a big impact on manufacturing, supply chain—and how business is getting done.


Here, experts, including Oracle customers and executives, talk about the big ideas that are shaking things up, and some of the questions every business leader should be thinking about.

“A time will come when the vast majority of our inventory is entirely outside of our walls.” —Luke Kelly, vice president of finance, Carbon

“Every six months, we’re seeing new capabilities that give organizations like ours opportunities to grow.” —Sona Manzo, vice president of the Oracle HCM Cloud practice at Hitachi Consulting

“If innovation becomes easier to consume, we’ll consume more of it. If you look at any of the potentially game-changing technologies that are evolving right now—artificial intelligence, blockchain, the Internet of Things—cloud makes all of those technologies really easy to consume and apply to your business.” —Chuck Hollis, senior vice president for Oracle’s Converged Infrastructure group

“Collaborating with machines is really about opening your eyes to the new possibilities that such collaborations can provide.” —Angela Zutavern, coauthor of The Mathematical Corporation

“We need to make very conscious decisions about what types of technologies we want to build, how we want to use them, and what kind of a world we want these technologies to help us create.” —Jacob Morgan, futurist and author of The Employee Experience Advantage.

Photography by Shutterstock