Digital Transformation

Five Ideas: Digital Disruption

August 2017

What’s driving today’s digital disruption?

There are five factors, according to Steve Cox, Oracle group vice president, enterprise resource planning and enterprise performance management product marketing. They include robots, talent shortages, rising customer expectations, as well as the changing labor market and volatility of business models.


To succeed, business leaders must forget concrete plans. Instead, they must be able to change course quickly to respond to new technology and opportunities. Learn more:

“For a company to redesign its approach so it can better manage change, it needs both clear goals and the right systems to absorb inevitable surprises along the way.” —Laurent Dechaux, vice president, digital finance, Oracle

“It’s time we start anticipating the positive, transformational outcomes—new markets, new opportunities, improvements to the human condition that are beyond our comprehension today.” —Rob Preston, editorial director in Oracle's Content Central organization

“When we talk to companies, the fact that so many users will be joining the new digital community has led to renewed focus on customer-centricity.” —Nichole Jordan, national managing partner of Markets, Clients & Industry at consulting firm Grant Thornton

“We are moving from a time when people would look at the past to interpret what that meant for the future and moving toward the true predictive power of machines, where people take action based on the results.” —Angela Zutavern, vice president at Booz Allen Hamilton and coauthor of The Mathematical Corporation

“No longer will product companies just sell products or service providers just sell services. Every business must offer its wares as a service. This requires new business models whereby customers can consume offerings via a subscription or by usage and potentially even pay for outcomes.” —Jason Maynard, senior vice president of strategy and marketing with Oracle’s NetSuite unit

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