Digital Transformation

Special Report: Digital Transformation

July 2017

Profit editor-in-chief Aaron Lazenby often assigns stories that promote what he calls the “benefits of getting out ahead of change and planning for a future that’s radically different from the present.” As such, it should come as no surprise that the quarterly magazine itself is going from print to digital only.


Learn more about Profit’s transformation in the editor’s note in the final print issue. Plus, learn how other companies are reinventing their processes to keep pace with constant, disruptive change.

Amazing and Perfect
The balance of novelty with performance is behind Toyota’s successful transformation.

The Right Questions
What should smart executives be asking about the future?

Model Behavior
Your machines might have a better vision for your business than you do.

Bending the Curve
Cloud computing saves money. But Oracle’s Chuck Hollis sees more than savings around the corner.

Get Smart(er)
“With Oracle Data Cloud, we’re tying together the high impact of TV with the great new things you can do with advertising in the digital era,” says Eric Roza, senior vice president and general manager of Oracle Data Cloud.

Your Product as a Service
The cloud is driving a trillion-dollar transformation: an expanding range of consumer and business products as subscription services.

How DevOps and Agile Development Can Drive Digital Transformation
“These two approaches accelerate and optimize software and project delivery while also encouraging constant teamwork…which ultimately delivers an exceptional customer experience,” says Oracle Insight’s Michael Abramow.

Disrupt Yourself
A grand plan and innovative cloud services help Hitachi Consulting Corporation transform itself—and its clients.

Cloud City
How is the fast-changing City of Oakland modernizing with cloud-based IT?

Five Ideas: Digital Transformation
Experts, including Oracle customers and executives, talk about the big ideas that are shaking things up, and some of the questions every business leader should be thinking about.

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