Special Report: Dealing with Data

June 2017

In the spring, Oracle announced it signed an agreement to acquire Moat, which uses data and analytics to enhance media for leading marketers and publishers.


“With the Moat acquisition, Oracle Data Cloud now offers brands and publishers a full suite of targeting and measurement solutions to improve the outcome of virtually every type of digital advertising campaign,” says Eric Roza, senior vice president and general manager of Oracle Data Cloud.

This deal secures Oracle’s position as a major player in ad tech. Currently, Oracle Data Cloud contains 5 billion global consumer profiles with 40,000 different attributes sourced from more than 15 million websites. It also has 400 million business profiles and $3 trillion in consumer transactions. Customers can purchase this data to better inform consumer product launches, redesign social media publishing strategies, and more.

Here, learn more about Oracle’s acquisition of Moat. Plus, find out how customers are using Oracle Data Cloud to promote loyalty and drive revenue—and get expert advice from Oracle leaders about how you can get more value from the information you collect.

Attention Comprehension
Moat acquisition adds innovative layer to Oracle Data Cloud by measuring attention paid to advertising.

Get Smart(er)
AT&T has agreed to adopt Oracle IaaS and PaaS offerings as part of a massive deal that involves petabytes of data.

Five Steps to Successful Data Monetization
How can companies derive value from their vast amounts of data?

Spreading the Wealth of Data Capitalism
Is the data economy destined to benefit only a few elite firms? No. Despite the landscape today, data trade and data liquidity will spread the benefits among more businesses.

Lowes Foods Makes Every Guest Interaction Count
Grocery chain Lowes Foods is using Oracle Data Cloud to understand its guest list and fuel rewards and other incentives with its loyalty program.

As Ad Revenues Decline, Colombian Newspaper Turns Data Into Profits
Colombia's El Tiempo has built a cloud-based digital marketing platform to help capture and analyze online behaviors of roughly 7 million newspaper subscribers and 28 million online unique visitors.

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