Five Ideas: Dealing with Data

August 2017

Talk about a “moonshot” quest: The team behind the Bloodhound Project wants to drive a land vehicle faster than 1,000 miles per hour. That’s four times the top speed of a Formula One racecar and literally faster than a speeding bullet.


What will it take to get there? Data.

The Bloodhound Project team announced in July that it’s partnering with Oracle to collect, store, and analyze the course, weather, and location data, as well as data from sensors attached to more than 550 components in its SSC. And here’s a cool addition: That vehicle data will also be distributed in real time to classrooms and other parties worldwide as the vehicle begins its desert runs.

Here, learn more about this exciting project, plus get expert advice about using data to drive breakthrough results.

“The idea is for students to put a VR headset on and walk up to a car at a thousand miles per hour and pop the back panel off and see the data flow out. And then they can start seeing how a vibration sensor, for example, is generating data at different speeds.” —John Abel, Oracle’s Bloodhound project lead

“It’s imperative for us to get the right information to the right people so our leadership can make decisions backed by timely and accurate data.” —Sona Manzo, vice president of Oracle HCM Cloud practice at Hitachi Consulting Corporation

“Today’s data preparation tools aren’t restricted to those with IT expertise, and allow companies to spread their analytics processes to individual lines of business.” —William Trotman, marketing director of big data and analytics for Oracle Europe, Middle East, and Africa

“While the deployment methodology is usually agile, having a structured, repeatable program enables traditional companies to transform themselves quickly into data-centric organizations.” —Subramanian Iyer, Oracle Cloud Insight

“With Oracle Data Cloud, we’re tying together the high impact of TV with the great new things you can do with advertising in the digital era.’” —Eric Roza, senior vice president and general manager of Oracle Data Cloud

Photography by Shutterstock