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Profit: Weekly Wrap-up, November 22, 2013

Check out these 10 business stories, handpicked this week by Profit’s editorial staff. Find out what we’ve been writing, reading and thinking about this week.

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From Profit

Executive Strategy newsletter: November
Expert advice on managing your value chain, plus this month's biggestarticles from Profit Online

How Do You Optimize a Knowledge- and Service-Based Supply Chain?
“Integrating the value chain will help with the synchronization of processes and functional silos, drive compliance, and optimize sales fulfillment and service delivery,” says Genevieve Mbama, director of Customer Strategy and Insight at Oracle, focusing on Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

The Untapped Potential of Strategic Supply Chain Management in the Services Industry
“With the ability to better analyze categories of spend, services and project costs, and execution results, services companies are starting to find that supply chain management can be the same powerful strategic enabler that manufacturing companies have always seen it to be,“ says Javier Perez, director of Oracle Industry Strategy and Insight.

Enabling Enterprise Mobility with Oracle Fusion Middleware
Five guidelines to follow as you begin building and employing mobile applications—plus Oracle technologies and products that support your move to mobility in your enterprise.

From Oracle

Modern Business Nightmare: The Staggering Costs When Your Cloud Goes Down
One recent research study reports that the cost of unplanned data-center downtime will likely be more than $5,000 per minute—or more than $300,000 per hour—and for some it’s clearly even worse than that. And in a follow-up study released this year, 17% of respondents said they would lose more than $500,000 per hour, with another 6% estimating that the cost of such outages would top $1,000,000 per hour.

Welcome to the first episode of the Bold Data Project
Tune into this web show for interviews and discussions about big data, which is a new kind of power that changes everything it touches, just like electricity did a hundred years ago.

Two Questions All Business Leaders Must Answer--Or Else
What business are you in today? And, what business will your customers require you to be in tomorrow? Executives who attend the Oracle Industry Connect conference this spring can get industry-specific education and support as they face these questions.

Q&A:'s Customer Care Leader Michele Watson on Modern CX
We asked Watson, a thought-leader in the industry, about her guiding vision for customer experience (CX)—and how the Oracle Service Cloud solutions are helping her realize that vision.

From Other Thought Leaders

Stop Making Content Just to Make It
A bit of contrarian thinking from Chris Brogan, author of Social Media 101: “If you’re going to make content, check both these boxes: does this serve my business? (pursuits, etc) Does this serve the community? You have to say yes to both, or don’t bother.”

Behold the First 'Selfie' Hashtag in Instagram History
From Mashable: "’Selfie’ officially became the Oxford Dictionary's Word of the Year 2013 this week. Usage in the English language has increased by a whopping 17,000% since last year, according to Oxford.”

November Issue of Profit Now Online

The November 2013 issue of Profit is now available on the web and as a digital edition.

Disruptive business forces are influencing traditional enterprise resource planning functions—such as procurement, order and inventory management, and manufacturing. Supply chain is not immune to these challenges, with new businesses, new partnerships, new complexity, and new risks all threatening to complicate the status quo.

But smart, flexible, and IT—driven processes can add value to supply chain functions, helping managers deal with disruptions and grow in the face of volatility. I hope this issue of Profit adds some value chain insight to your business strategy.

Full Service
Statoil Fuel & Retail automates planning and distribution operations in eight countries.

Keeping Pace With the Game Changers
The rise of new players means new rules for supply chain leaders.

Rising Tides
Increasing pressure on manufacturers means riding out new go-to-market challenges.

Play To Win
The value chain game is changing—and executives are tired of rolling the dice on strategy.

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