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Database and Application Virtualization—Efficient, Reliable, and Secure

Clonetab improves DBA productivity 45 percent by automating the cloning and replication of Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle’s PeopleSoft, and Oracle Database solutions.

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The reasons for database and application virtualization—consisting of cloning or replication—are myriad, ranging from having a backup for disaster recovery, to patching and testing, to upgrading to a new software version, to having a database instance for reporting. Nevertheless, while database and application virtualization is a common IT practice, it can be time-consuming and expose your organization to unwanted security and compliance risks.

Homegrown scripts and manual execution of sequential commands remain the most prevalent way to clone and replicate databases and applications today. But these are time-intensive processes fraught with security and compliance issues such as lack of an audit trail, separation of duties, and unencrypted passwords. Further, beyond the actual time spent cloning and replicating, there is also a significant expenditure of time managing refreshes and patches.

ROI with Clonetab can be rapid. Enterprise customers typically see the time for database cloning and replication shrink by 90 percent, while reducing the storage needed by target storage by 99 percent.”
Our Solution

An Oracle Gold Partner, Clonetab offers Oracle customers an integrated cloning technology solution. Our technology supports Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle’s PeopleSoft, and Oracle Database. The latest release of our technology enables cloning between Oracle databases, as well as replication between Oracle databases and heterogeneous databases such as MySQL on any storage system.

Regardless of whether your database is on premises or in the cloud and whether you want to clone or replicate a database from the cloud to one on premises or vice versa, Clonetab streamlines your processes. This includes database and application migration from on premises to the cloud, between different operating systems, or during version upgrades. An appliance-based solution, including a virtual option as well as modules such as Replication, SQL Self-Service, and Data Scrambling, Clonetab gives you a complete audit trail and ensures compliance with various financial and security controls.

Core Capabilities


  • Automated cloning and patching
  • Ability to start, stop, and restart replication processes
  • Flexible options such as skipping and adding subtasks, point-in-time recovery options, and replication methods, as well as the ability to add custom scripts
  • Prevents accidental overwriting of production and other data volumes

Security Controls

  • Scrambling of sensitive data
  • Encrypted and obfuscated passwords
  • Role-based security

Compliance Tracking and Reporting

  • Comprehensive audit trails and reporting
  • Notifications sent upon task completion or failure

On the market for nearly four years and having completed several thousand Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Database refreshes, Clonetab touts a list of blue chip enterprise companies that have seen substantial ROI. At the top is time savings. A typical database cloning takes a DBA 12 to 24 hours to complete for an average database size, which shrinks about 90 percent with Clonetab and translates into higher uptime and faster disaster recovery. And because cloning and replication are automated (about 50 completed per DBA annually), the time savings for DBAs is huge.

SQL script executions can also be a big time sync for IT teams, comprising up to 15 percent of DBA requests. Clonetab’s SQL Self-Service module allows non-DBA IT team members to run their own SQL self-service requests without sharing any passwords.

The time savings for refreshes and SQL script executions equate to a DBA productivity gain of around 45 percent: 4,500 hours or US$198,000 annually for a team of five, 9,000 hours or US$396,000 annually for a team of 10, and 13,500 hours or US$594,000 for a team of 15 (assumes an average DBA salary of US$44 per hour).

The benefits reach beyond productivity gains. For example, our CTClone technology optimizes the amount of database storage required for cloned instances by capturing and storing only incremental changes once a clone is created. This thin provisioning capability reduces the initial storage needed by target instance by 99 percent, which equates to substantial cost savings over time.

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Clonetab and Oracle


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