Customer Experience

Five Ideas: Customer Experience

June 2017

Whether focused on marketing, sales, service, or social, business leaders know they need to deliver consistent, personalized experiences. How can technology help you get there?


That’s one thing you can learn about at Oracle OpenWorld, where Oracle is delivering 212 sessions related to customer experience.

Here, learn more about the conference, taking place from October 1 to 5 in San Francisco. Plus, here from Oracle executives and customers about how Oracle solutions, including Oracle Data Cloud and NetSuite’s unified cloud commerce platform, manage information and target customers with offers that make the most sense.

“The question is ‘Are you there when the customer is ready?’ Our goal is to make sure that we are there.” Tim Lowe, CEO of Lowes Foods

“Every interaction is attributed to the brand, and increasingly customers expect that companies know who they are and what matters to them across all these interactions.” —Laura Ipsen, general manager and senior vice president of Oracle Marketing Cloud

“We now know each of our site visitor’s job, salary, and purchase history, and whether they are interested in a car, a house, or an MBA.” —Carlos Andres Guzman, head of audience management, El Tiempo

“We’re seeing leading companies using IoT data to get a much deeper understanding of customer product usage—time of day, usage period, number of products—that leads to much more informed sales, marketing, and service experiences.” —Des Cahill, Oracle head CX evangelist

“We had a lightbulb moment when we realized we could have everything on one unified suite without the hairball of disconnected systems to manage. Now, with a modern ecommerce platform natively part of the solution, we can provide a more visual, intuitive shopping experience.” —Michael Anderson, president of DIY Home Center

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