Big Ideas

Critical Path

Engaged users are essential to building a strong global community.

By Kristy Tan Neckowitz

2011 Primavera Special Edition

For as long as I can remember, Primavera customers have shared their experiences with us and with each other. Their feedback helped ensure that we understood their business needs and enabled us to deliver a mission-critical solution for project success. This was true when we had our first annual Primavera user conference in 1984, and it is still true today. Primavera users also formed regional and industry-specific user groups over the years in order to collaborate more often. Our user base found great value in these communities, and as we expanded our suite of project and portfolio management products and specific areas of industry focus, they continued to grow.

Now that Primavera is part of Oracle, it’s time to bring our customer communities into the next phase—time for our customers to take the reigns in leading and facilitating Primavera special interest groups (SIGs) as part of Oracle’s global user groups. The Primavera SIGs are run by customers, for customers. User group participation helps you maximize your investment in Primavera and Oracle’s other solutions. Membership gives you access to information and resources for Primavera products that can help increase your knowledge and productivity. Primavera SIGs give you 24/7 access to information, white papers, best-practice information, and insights from other users and leaders around the globe. By engaging with other experienced customers and partners, your project teams can get the knowledge and skills they need to implement, maintain, and manage their Primavera implementations.

As SIG members, Primavera users become part of a connected networking community: a forum to share best practices and tips, as well as to interact with third-party vendors that provide knowledge, services, and products. Collaborating and learning from experienced users and partners can save time and money by streamlining upgrades and avoiding costly mistakes and setbacks. Members also build their capacity for innovative thinking and problem solving by networking with other members going through similar experiences. They can keep their fingers on the pulse of emerging trends in project portfolio management and get exposure to the benefits of other Oracle application investments.

The SIGs also provide a forum to communicate with the Oracle Primavera Global Business Unit. Our product, industry, and support experts will be hosting regular Webinars and sharing information with the SIGs. We want to hear from you! Share your feedback through the SIGs and you can play a role in building tomorrow’s Primavera products—just as our original users did.

I understand that since Primavera has become part of Oracle, our customers have encountered a lot of change. But with change comes opportunity. And taking advantage of this opportunity will make the global Primavera user community stronger than it’s ever been before—and will provide a new opportunity for our users’ voices to be heard.

If you currently use Oracle products, you are probably aware that Oracle works with more than 800 independent user groups around the world. Oracle has a global team of professionals dedicated to communicating with these groups and their members. User groups reflect Oracle’s most active and involved customers, who communicate with Oracle and others in the Oracle community. We urge you to join a user group today—to learn, network, and share your ideas about using Oracle products.

Reach out to the user groups in your region:

  • Quest International Users Group and Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG) host a joint Primavera SIG—and Primavera will be well represented at the annual COLLABORATE conference (copresented by Quest, OAUG, and the Independent Oracle Users Group) in April 2011.

  • The U.K. Oracle User Group and German Oracle User Group have established SIGs for Primavera and plan to host Primavera meetings in the spring of 2011.

  • You can also check out the latest news from the International Oracle Users Group Community and find a user group near you by visiting

As you know, the mission of Primavera products is to rid the world of project failure. I hope our users take advantage of this opportunity to organize strong global Primavera user communities by collaborating and learning from each other. Together we can continue striving to perfect project and portfolio management.

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