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Creating a Better Sales Experience through Mobile

On-the-go access to quotes, proposals and orders provides a positive sales experience for customers

by Alison Weiss

May 2014

Today, customers consume all types of information via mobile phones and tablets, so it’s not unreasonable for them to expect to access the critical documents they need in the sales process through their mobile devices. However, even though it’s common for sales teams to use mobile tools such as email and contact lists to facilitate sales processes, many have yet to adopt advanced mobile tools that can improve the sales experience for customers.


A recent report published by Aberdeen Group reveals that while 71 percent of top-performing organizations are using advanced mobile tools to access, perform, and modify customer-touching sales-oriented tasks, only 58 percent of average-performing organizations are taking advantage of such tools. Research has shown that advanced mobile tools can dramatically improve the experience of customers, from the product research phase through customer service.

Oracle CPQ Cloud helps improve sales efficiency, and it also enables sales teams to be more helpful and engaged on-the-go to improve the overall customer experience.”–Ken Volpe, senior vice president, Oracle Product Development

Oracle’s newly acquired BigMachines, now known as Oracle CPQ Cloud, is the latest addition to its cloud-based suite of products devoted to improving customer experience across the entire sales cycle. The solution, which features new enhancements, is integrated with Oracle Sales Cloud and sales force automation tools—resulting in faster, smarter selling.

Ken Volpe, senior vice president, Oracle Product Development, says that one of the main benefits of Oracle CPQ Cloud is that it’s optimized for mobile tablets. Sales teams can quickly generate accurate quotes, produce comprehensive proposals, and create sales orders from anywhere on any device.


The percentage of top-performing organizations that use advanced mobile tools for customer-touching sales-oriented tasks (Source: Aberdeen Research Brief: Best-in-Class Companies Deploy Sales Mobility Practices to Better “Seal the Deal”)


“Sales reps can easily interact with customers to validate, verify, and approve information in real-time,” he says. “They don’t have to wait until the end of the day when they get back to the office.”

And because Oracle CPQ Cloud can be integrated with Oracle Sales Cloud and, sales representatives can easily combine account and opportunity management capabilities from their sales force automation tools with the quoting, configuration, and document-generating features of Oracle CPQ Cloud. Users of Oracle Sales Cloud can take advantage of Single Sign-On for a seamless user experience and security. In addition, Oracle CPQ Cloud can import and export information from a variety of Oracle Sales Cloud objects, so users won’t need to re-enter data and can be assured of up-to-date sales forecasts.

For users of, new Oracle CPQ Cloud enhancements have improved administrative features to facilitate data synchronization and reduce system maintenance. The latest release also utilizes the most recent integration APIs.

“Oracle CPQ Cloud helps improve sales efficiency,” says Volpe. “And it also enables sales teams to be more helpful and engaged on-the-go to improve the overall customer experience.”

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