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Connecting the Internet of Things to Business

Elephant Head’s IoT platform, integrated with Oracle’s JD Edwards systems, is a powerful combination for companies.

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Innovative technology company Elephant Head has been working behind the scenes to change the way business has been done for decades. In 2015, the company won the JD Edwards Partner Excellence Award for Outstanding Innovation for Elephant Sense, its Internet of Things (IoT) platform that allows partners to build IoT-enabled JD Edwards applications.

Elephant Head’s Chief Executive Officer, Aditya Nagrath, discusses the benefits businesses can realize from the Elephant Sense IoT platform, and how other JD Edwards partners can leverage the platform to enable change.

Why should companies invest in an IoT platform that integrates with their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system?

Currently, most companies operate as several isolated islands of information—from field operations to business intelligence. This isolation causes disruption in the seamless flow of information from operations to ERP and analytics. It results in a lack of insight into the business operations, and a lack of interoperability across different divisions of the business. Once you integrate IoT data into ERP, the system turns into a real-time decision-making machine rather than just a reporting tool that collects data over time.

Elephant Sense’s inexpensive sensors can now collect operational data and integrate it into the existing ERP processes and workflows. Instead of using manual labor to connect the various information islands, Elephant Sense takes the highvelocity data flow and routes it to back-end ERP seamlessly.


Aditya Nagrath, CEO, Elephant Head


The result is cost reduction on a massive scale. Manual processes become automated and effortless. Real-time analysis and alerting saves the business from costly failures and losses. Businesses engage in predictive maintenance instead of reactive maintenance, ensuring their asset’s operation and warranty. In a nutshell, the IoT integrated with ERP processes offers a strategic force multiplier for companies to operate as a “smart business” by providing advantages that neither technology can provide by itself.

Can you give us a real-world example?

We built a solution for a food distribution company with trucks in the field. The Elephant Sense platform was used to monitor the temperature of the trucks’ refrigeration chambers and the location of the trucks via GPS. We can alert the company if the temperature breaches and the food is spoiling. Additionally, after integrating with JD Edwards, the system can automatically reroute the truck back to the service center within Oracle’s real-time scheduling module, create a work order for the service team, and put a new truck on the road so that the deliveries can still be made in a timely fashion. If we integrate with financials, we can detect when the truck is near a delivery and automatically generate an invoice inside an e-mail containing a chart of the temperatures from door to door. The destination point receives a guarantee of freshness and a note that says the delivery is about to arrive, so please open the doors to receive shipment. There is no human intervention in this communication, and the best part is this is all happening within the same system that is the core to many of the business’ operations. A brief demonstration of our platform is available online at

What is Elephant Sense?

Elephant Sense is an awardwinning IoT platform from which Oracle partners can build robust and innovative applications within JD Edwards. Just as smartphones have become a platform for mobile application developers, Elephant Sense can serve as a tool for gathering information and controlling remote devices from within JD Edwards. We provide a full ecosystem of hardware and software. Our platform displays real-time data, and is preintegrated with Oracle’s IoT cloud. We have security built in from the ground up, mobile applications for direct monitoring and offline alerting, and provisioning and configuration tools for our devices. All of this is backed by the world’s most powerful ERP system—JD Edwards. We are dedicated to making our solution the best and most flexible machine-to-machine platform. When you add built-in integration with Oracle, the possibilities are endless.

[This] is cost reduction on a massive scale. Manual processes become automated and effortless. Realtime analysis and alerting saves the business from costly failures and losses.

Aditya Nagrath,
CEO, Elephant Head

How do you work with other JD Edwards partners?

Elephant Head is strictly an IoT hardware/software provider— we do not compete in the JD Edwards space. Oracle’s JD Edwards partners not only implement applications on top of our platform and JD Edwards, but are able to brand and sell our hardware and software solutions to provide a complete, end-to-end solution. Elephant Head works closely with partners to ensure that customer needs are met, and provides support such as demonstration equipment, proof of concepts, information packets, and marketing materials. We offer consulting and contracting services and can help build auxiliary applications. With our revenue-sharing program, you will increase revenue without costly investment in research and development. By partnering with Elephant Head, you have a proven method of boosting your return on investment in business development. In the end, you do what you do best—JD Edwards and Oracle integration and implementation—and we do what we do best—embedded hardware and software.

What verticals does Elephant Sense support?

The verticals that Elephant Sense supports have been chosen to provide the largest cost savings to our customers. Those include industries such as consumer-packaged goods, distribution, utilities, and agribusiness. We also help optimize and reduce cost in industries where data collection is currently done using proprietary, expensive, and manual systems, such as manufacturing or warehouse management. However, the IoT platform that we have created is generic and flexible enough to apply to any vertical. The Elephant Sense platform is built in a modular fashion, which allows for loosely coupled data acquisition hardware and data aggregation gateways. Therefore, it can easily be extended for any vertical where our customers want to realize the cost-saving benefits of our IoT platform. All we need to do is identify the use case and our platform does the heavy lifting.

What are the company’s future plans?

We’ve already begun integrating wearables with our IoT platform. Being able to take the information from those wearables and integrate it with JD Edwards is extremely powerful. For example, a company can receive alerts on the health or sleep patterns of its truck drivers. This can lead to increased worker safety and easier compliance with the government’s Hours of Service regulations for commercial motor vehicle drivers. Employees could choose to send data from their wearable device directly to the human resources system, which would record their activity and possibly give them a health insurance discount. At this point, the sky’s the limit, and we’re very excited to see what partners will do with our systems next.

This advertorial was originally published in the August 2015 JD Edwards special edition of Profit.

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