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Connecting Cloud to Business Value

Hitachi Consulting helps IT leaders create cloud strategies to enable innovation.

August 2016

Implementing a cloud-centered IT portfolio can help enterprise leaders quickly harness technology to achieve operational efficiencies and innovative outcomes in today’s fast-paced business arena. But adopting cloud technology involves more than just selecting the right hardware and software. Here, Phil Regnault, senior vice president at Hitachi Consulting, a Premier Partner in the Oracle PartnerNetwork Cloud Program, discusses the issues to carefully consider and why it’s important to craft a strategy to realize the full business potential of cloud.

What are some of the challenges of moving to the cloud?


Phil Regnault, Hitachi Consulting


For many chief information officers, it’s realizing that cloud is already happening across their enterprise. Recently, Hitachi Consulting looked across our own company and we found a high number of cloud applications being used throughout. IT leaders need to develop an overall cloud strategy to ensure that cloud applications function with an appropriate level of security and that their value is maximized by integrating applications in a programmatic fashion.

Why is integration such a critical issue?

Enterprises function best when data flows from one application to another to create seamless experiences for customers, suppliers, and employees. But, there is a proliferation of cloud solutions available today that are being deployed that are not preintegrated, leading to isolated application siloes. Working with a partner like Hitachi Consulting can provide the strategy and support to ensure that cloud applications are managed as a portfolio and determine which applications should be integrated together. We bring a high level of expertise because we’ve been exposed to thousands of clients who are facing these integration challenges right now. We also have developed integrated cloud solutions that have embedded best practices and solve the most common and critical business issues. Oracle plays a big role because its Oracle Cloud technology is often at the core of these Hitachi Consulting solutions.

Are there other cloud trends driving business value?

Today, IT is infiltrating the physical realm by way of the Internet of Things (IoT). Hitachi Consulting is part of Hitachi Ltd., which makes many of the IoT data collecting assets that bridge the virtual and physical IT worlds. The cloud is the best means to collect, process, analyze, and contextualize the data collected from assets. IT leaders are just beginning to think about how IoT can impact and create value for their enterprises. Hitachi Consulting is one of the only companies in the world that has information technology, operational technology, and technology services all under one roof. Together with our partnership with Oracle and Oracle Cloud, we can offer the unique insights to help our clients determine how cloud and IoT together can conspire to generate business value.

This advertorial was originally published in the August 2016 edition of Profit.

Hitachi and Oracle


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