Case Studies

Communicating Impact

Helping employees understand their mission

By Tara Swords

Spring 2019

Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI) employees include some of the brightest minds in the aerospace industry. But AGI CEO Paul Graziani realized that only a fraction of the company’s employees—typically the sales and customer support teams—had any visibility into how customers were actually using AGI’s products and services. Even developers didn’t fully grasp the real-world impact of their work.

Enter “Story Time,” a very simple name for a very serious initiative at AGI. On Fridays after lunch, the company’s employees gather in the cafeteria or connect via videoconference, and their teams share what the world is doing with AGI’s software.

Graziani says this has connected employees with the company’s work and expanded their understanding of AGI’s important mission. From DirecTV satellites to sensitive matters of national security, AGI software plays a significant role around the world.

“One of our national security customers got up and said, ‘Listen, we can’t tell most of you exactly what it is that you do for the United States, but I will say this: You should all be very, very proud,’” Graziani says. “I remember people walking out of the cafeteria like they were a couple inches off the ground after he spoke. So I think that having everybody aware of the impact of their work is really, really powerful.”

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