Cloud Computing

Special Report: Cloud Computing

August 2017

In August, Oracle announced significant new capabilities and enhancements to Oracle Applications Cloud. With the introduction of Oracle Applications Cloud Release 13, Oracle further extended the industry’s broadest, deepest, and fastest-growing suite of cloud applications. Innovations in the new release enhance the user experience and empower business users across the organization, including customer experience, finance, HR, and supply chain professionals.


Here, learn more about Oracle’s next-generation cloud applications. Plus, find out more about Oracle’s newest cloud offerings, and get highlights from Profit’s summer issue about companies that are using the cloud to disrupt industries and meet rising customer expectations.

Cloud City
How is the fast-changing City of Oakland modernizing with cloud-based IT?

Bending the Curve
Cloud computing saves money. But Oracle’s Chuck Hollis sees more than savings around the corner.

Get Smart(er)
How analytics from Oracle Data Cloud connect TV advertising to in-store sales.

Amazing and Perfect
A balance of novelty and performance is behind Toyota’s successful transformation.

Your Product as a Service
The cloud is driving a trillion-dollar transformation: an expanding range of consumer and business products as subscription services.

How to Get Closer to Cloud Without (Quite) Going to Cloud
Oracle's cloud-ready architecture can give IT leaders dramatic improvements for critical applications and databases, as well as cloud insurance for the future.

What Enterprises Are Missing with Their Cloud Infrastructure Strategy
Cloud-based Domain Name System services provide an extra layer of security while facilitating cloud migrations.

A Key to Digital Transformation? Unified Finance and HR Functions
Monitoring performance will always be important, but increasingly it will be done in real time through connected systems that enable finance to identify issues before they become problems.

Can't Move to the Cloud? The Cloud Can Come to You
Oracle expands its Cloud at Customer program, which offers the same look, functionality, and subscription pricing model that customers would experience if they were dialing up a cloud service from one of Oracle’s own data centers.

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