Cloud Computing

Bringing Cloud to the Table

Meet two food companies that say moving to the cloud served up access to better data—and critical insight.

By Sasha Banks-Louie

Fall 2018

Making Hay

Agriculture and food services company Driscoll was “buried in data entry and didn’t have time for any analysis,” says CFO Ian Weight. Moving to a single instance of Oracle’s NetSuite OneWorld for financial planning and reporting provided granular financial analyses, helping the company identify large numbers of hay orders driven by Asia’s expanding dairy business. Driscoll launched a hay venture that increased revenue by 35% to 40% in one year.

Future Focus

Navitas Organics

Before the cloud, manual processes meant “every day was a scramble to get our orders out,” says Greg Hingsbergen, vice president and controller for superfood producer Navitas Organics. Now the company uses Oracle’s NetSuite inventory reporting module to see if items are approaching their “best before” date, prompting Navitas to either offer promotions or push products out through a distributor.


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Photography by Driscoll, Navitas Organics, and Shutterstock