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Athletes and musicians call it “flow.” Others call it “the zone.” It is that sweet mental state where one’s focus is laser-like yet there remains a sense of distraction-free calm.

For the rest of us everyday working people, the focus@will streaming music service is here to help us get our working brains flowing. Working closely with scientists specializing in psychoacoustics—a discipline dedicated to the study of the perception of sound—the focus@will team has masterfully mixed up a cocktail of easy listening tunes that essentially trick the fight-or-flight limbic system of our brains. The potential payoff is that the average focal time of 20 or 30 minutes can be extended to nearly 100 minutes—the perfect anecdote for keeping the deadline monster at bay.

At US$3.99 per month (US$34.99 per year), focus@will is a bargain. For more information and a three-week free trial, see

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