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Oracle Intelligent Bots enables chatbot integration with back-end systems.

By David Baum

Spring 2018

Suhas Uliyar, vice president of bots, AI, and mobile product management at Oracle, believes conversational AI, via chatbots, will soon be a top priority for developers, surpassing cloud-native and mobile-first projects in importance. “What makes chatbots a viable choice of interaction is the innovation in AI, via powerful machine-learning algorithms, that make it possible for computers to hold conversations with users, with little or no human intervention,” he states. “However, for chatbots to add value to a conversation, they must be able to integrate with back-end systems of record as well—whether it’s customer account information from a core banking system, employee information from an HCM [human capital management] system, or customer information in a sales CRM [customer relationship management] system.”

For chatbots to add value to a conversation, they must be able to integrate with back-end systems of record.”–Suhas Uliyar, Vice President of Bots, AI, and Mobile Product Management, Oracle

Oracle Intelligent Bots—Oracle’s intelligent bot- building capability, which is part of Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise—allows organizations to manage their bot, mobile, and web customer experiences from a single environment and easily connect with these back-end systems. A dialogue flow editor helps developers model conversational flows while providing a high level of control over the logical paths that are possible within each conversation. Developers can leverage existing APIs and “mobile-first” services, such as push notifications, to send asynchronous messages from the back-end systems to the chatbot. Custom components, deployed as microservices, can consume any REST service.

According to Sinha Rajnish, chief digital officer at Bajaj Electricals, the Oracle platform makes it easy to create a new chatbot, define its intent, simulate a dialogue flow, define custom components, and configure the chatbot to connect to one or more channels.

“Integration is key to a chatbot being able to offer accurate answers,” confirms Uliyar. “Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise can connect to back-end systems via microservices, while advanced AI, machine learning, and natural-language processing capabilities help chatbots assess a situation, communicate their findings, and refine their responses.”

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Photography by Matt Artz, Unsplash