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Summer 2017

With all the texting, desk work, and cramped airplane travel that a demanding tech job requires, it’s no wonder so many backs and necks are suffering. In a single two-week period, more than 12 percent of Americans missed work because of pain, according to a survey by the American Productivity Audit.


How can technology set you straight when it comes to your poor posture? Upright Go is a 2-inch wearable that you stick on your upper back—with the help of a double-sided adhesive—that vibrates to alert you when you slouch. People have lined up to back the project: Upright Go generated nearly US$1.2 million on Kickstarter.

Why so much interest? “It’s a simple solution that you can use at the office in front of a computer, while driving, or while walking the dog,” says Ori Fruhauf, business manager and cofounder at Upright Technologies, of his company’s latest product. “Upright Go not only collects data, but the vibration feedback tells people what to do with the data to improve their posture habits.” The product will be available on the company’s website, from Amazon, and from Best Buy starting in July (US$99). Read more at

Photography by Shutterstock