Artificial Intelligence

Five Ideas: Artificial Intelligence

July 2017

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd noted the extent to which the company is infusing its cloud applications with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities during an interview with CNBC after Oracle announced record fourth-quarter earnings.


Hurd explained that the company’s approach isn’t to build discrete AI applications, but rather to embed AI capabilities into Oracle Cloud application, platform, and infrastructure services its customers use to run their businesses.

Here, learn more about what Hurd had to say about Oracle’s approach to AI. Plus, hear from other experts about what you should expect increasingly smart machines to do—and feel.

“At Oracle we are embedding machine learning and artificial intelligence into the whole stack, augmenting AI with your own expertise.” —Mahipal Lunia, senior principal product manager at Oracle

“We are moving from a time when people would look at the past to interpret what that meant for the future and moving toward the true predictive power of machines, where people take action based on the results.” —Angela Zutavern, coauthor of The Mathematical Corporation

“Right now, we can’t imagine AI having the empathy or emotions a human would. But there are some AIs that are sympathetic because they’ve been designed with that algorithm.” —Robb Hecht, adjunct marketing professor at Baruch College

“The AI element will help contextualize data, but at the end of the day, HR professionals will still be required to make sense of the data, and extrapolate the impacts on their particular businesses.” —Michael Hickins, director of strategic communications at Oracle

“Think of adaptive intelligence as data-driven learning at vastly increased speeds compared with humans.” —Chuck Hollis, senior vice president of cloud infrastructure at Oracle

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