Artificial Intelligence

Special Report: Artificial Intelligence

August 2017

In 2017, Oracle announced a series innovations within the Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Cloud suite. For example, new Adaptive Intelligent Apps for CX uniquely blend first-party and third-party customer data with sophisticated decision science and machine learning, helping organizations optimize customer experiences and business outcomes.


“By combining new mobile, video and messaging capabilities with the latest innovations in chatbots, artificial intelligence and IoT, we are uniquely able to help organizations of all sizes drive innovation and business transformation.” said Oracle Senior Vice President Rondy Ng.

Of course, CX is just the beginning as Oracle CEO Mark Hurd has announced a “battle plan” in which Oracle will continue to add new cutting-edge capabilities, including chatbots and technology based on artificial intelligence, to its suites of cloud applications. Here, learn more about how the AI revolution is already changing the way organizations handle human resources, finance and more. Plus, discover the questions executives should be considering as they make decisions about how to use AI to power their own organizations.

Enterprise AI: Why Should You Care?
Sometimes AI can do certain things better than people. And this will impact your customers, employees, and investors.

Video: Oracle CX Grows Black Friday Sales at Team Sportia By 800 Percent
What role does AI play in helping get the right products to the right customers at the right time?

Hurd: Oracle's New AI Applications Are a Powerful Piece of Its Winning Cloud Strategy
In April, Oracle introduced adaptive intelligent apps embedded within Oracle’s Customer Experience Cloud suite.

How Machine Learning Will Drive The Adaptive Enterprise
With every transformational technology, there are adoption challenges, and the journey to the adaptive enterprise is no different. What must leaders consider as they plan for the future?

Five Ideas: Artificial Intelligence
Experts talk about Oracle’s new “adaptive intelligent” apps and other ways AI is disrupting today’s industries.

Innovation Made Easy: The Cloud's Long-Term Value Proposition
At a high level, the cloud is an economizer—no massive startup costs before results can be realized.

Are Droids Running Your Finance Office—Yet?
More companies will take advantage of evolving technologies like adaptive intelligence to analyze financial data, customer experience data, and support data for end-to-end insights.

More Human
How AI and machine learning can help personalize and optimize HR.

Four AI Decision Points: How Soon Should CFOs Jump In?
For CFOs who are painfully aware that the applications they use to run their business are already outdated and disconnected, the fast-arriving AI future is a wake-up call. Businesses that don't automate repetitive tasks will have higher costs than their competitors.

Prepare Your Business for the AI Future
As artificial intelligence develops rapidly, businesses must ensure that they’re building the right technical foundation for an AI future.

Machine Learning Stands to Transform the Way We Communicate
With adaptive intelligent applications, organizations can offer personalized recommendations to customers by getting to the heart of their individual business needs, purchasing decisions, interests, and patterns.

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