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Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1 Delivers Exciting New Functionality.

August 2009

Earlier this year, Oracle introduced the latest release of Oracle E-Business Suite. Profit recently caught up with one of its key architects: Cliff Godwin, senior vice president of Applications Development at Oracle. Here’s his take on the new functionality delivered in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1.

Profit: Oracle just introduced a major new release during an economic downturn. Can you comment on the timing?

Godwin: These are certainly challenging economic times. Customers nowadays are telling us that they want to get more out of the technology investments that they already have. They want to streamline their systems to save money, improve customer relationships, and better understand what’s happening in the marketplace. Our latest release gives them just that: the tools to get more leverage out of their current investment.

Profit: How does Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1 accomplish that?

Godwin: With the constraints on capital budgets, customers need rapid-value solutions. So we made sure that many of the applications in this release can be deployed without a large-scale upgrade. Our new version of Oracle Incentive Compensation, for example, can be deployed as a standalone application alongside Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i to manage pay-for-performance on a global scale.

Profit: How does the new release help companies reduce costs?

Godwin: In Release 12.1, we have a suite of applications that are all integrated together and designed to help a sophisticated, global company manage all the functions of their business from a single deployment of Oracle E-Business Suite. It is the ideal platform for consolidating your operations. Standardizing business processes and running fewer systems will minimize system complexity and dramatically reduce costs.

Profit: What other lines of business can benefit?

Godwin: We have great news here: Oracle has added substantial new capabilities in procurement, human resources, value chain planning, customer relationship management, master data management, and projects—all areas where business process improvements can make a significant impact on enterprise productivity.

Profit: How much did customer input influence the new functionality?

Godwin: Most of what we’ve done in Release 12.1 is a result of customer requests. We work closely with customers to make sure that the solutions we’re building are going to solve their business problems. We also have a very strong industry strategy. Oracle is committed to delivering deep industry capabilities with functionality that will help companies optimize their performance and gain market share. With this release, we’ve built solutions for wholesale distribution, retail, federal accounting, and engineering and construction.

Profit: What are the plans moving forward for Oracle E-Business Suite?

Godwin: We’re more focused than ever on making sure that the capabilities we deliver can be implemented in a rapid-time-to-value fashion. Our priorities are our customers’ priorities. So they can expect that the solutions we deliver in the future will continue to add value to the investment they’ve already made in Oracle E-Business Suite.

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