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Achieving Business Efficiency with Standardization

Steltix and Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne help Burg gain cost savings and insight.

August 2016

Burg Groep is a leading European manufacturer of vinegar, syrups, and household cleaning products headquartered in the Netherlands, with facilities in Belgium, Germany, France, and the Czech Republic.

In order to maintain a solid base for its products in the European market, the company needed to be a reliable supplier to its large European industrial and retail customers. Its operations had to meet stringent requirements, including product tracking and tracing and serial shipping container coding. As the company grew by acquisitions, all seven of the entities within Burg had simple, standalone systems. Executives were not able to manage data throughout all of the entities, or to consolidate and manage the margin development of their products and markets. They also lacked cost control of their manufacturing process and had difficulty managing intercompany business.


Arjen Pauzenga, Burg


With the help of Oracle Platinum Partner Steltix, Burg implemented Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne as its enterprise resource planning system, instituting standards-based technology and practices throughout the company’s operations and achieving more business insight and efficiency.

One View

Burg’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne handles outbound logistics, manufacturing, product data management, and financials. Steltix delivered the project implementation method and project management, technical CNC services, and support services after the system went live. Burg also uses Steltix’ dropZone, a solution that enables users to easily enter data in JD Edwards systems by dragging and dropping, and its own barcode scanning solution that is smoothly integrated with the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne solution.

“We now have one way of working for all our plants—all our business processes follow the same structure,” says Arjen Pauzenga, chief financial officer at Burg. “Financial information is consolidated, and all details are available daily. We have good insight into the margin development, both on the product and customer levels. Our manufacturing efficiency has increased, generating substantial savings in labor and materials. With the increase in data, we are better able to forecast our sales and optimize our supply chain.”

A Real Business Partner

Burg was able to implement JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.0 without major customizations, which made it possible to migrate the entire company to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1 in 2015 in just a few months, with limited costs, says Pauzenga.

Other benefits of the JD Edwards system, Pauzenga says, include lower production costs and higher flexibility to shift customers between companies, as the integration enables easy internal transfers of deliveries to customers. “We also have reliable financial information that is quickly available and based on the same definitions, enabling better management decisions,” he says.

Pauzenga says his company chose Steltix for its knowledge of the requirements in the food business and its support desk capabilities. He said the implementation was performed on time, within budget, and with positive results.

“The fixed price and good implementation methodology guaranteed a quick and reliable implementation process,” says Pauzenga. “Steltix is a real business partner, proposing professional, easy-to-use solutions. Their ability to think with you as a business partner makes them very valuable. Their approach is making it happen.”

This advertorial was originally published in the JD Edwards 2016 special edition of Profit.

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