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Accelerating Positive Business Outcomes with Data-Intensive Applications

Smart partitioning helps organizations deliver predictable performance to the business while supporting cost containment initiatives for high-growth applications.

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Organizational leaders today are looking for ways to exploit competitive advantages by using every aspect of the data they collect. This means collecting more data, keeping it for longer, and using it broadly across the organization to gain powerful insights. IT is challenged with delivering the valuable data in a timely and relevant manner while simultaneously reducing costs across the supporting infrastructure. Micah Deriso, senior director of Informatica’s Information Lifecycle Management group, explains how Informatica Smart Partitioning can help Oracle customers solve this challenge.

Q: What business trends are driving IT managers to look for alternative methods to manage their IT investments?

A: We are literally seeing an explosion of data that is being driven by the Internet of Things. Businesses realize that every piece of data that can be captured, stored, and aggregated can become a valuable business asset. Collecting massive amounts of relevant information is helping companies create a competitive advantage by becoming more responsive to customer needs and driving smarter business decisions faster than ever before. However, collecting this data and providing timely access to the information consumers at a low cost can be challenging, and can even derail projects that could be valuable to the business.


Micah Deriso, Senior Director, Informatica’s Information Lifecycle Management group


Q: What is the impact of high data growth in business applications?

A: Data growth in business applications can negatively impact the business in terms of performance and cost control. Poor performance in these systems can result in lost orders and customer satisfaction issues, and can create a downstream impact that affects revenues and costs across the organization. High data growth in applications can also cause significant investment in terms of the infrastructure needed to support nonproduction systems and the overall maintenance and support of the environment. Business users simply want predictable and sustainable performance regardless of the data growth challenge.

Q: How does Informatica Smart Partitioning help support these business trends?

A: Applications that are driving the next generation of intelligence are becoming increasingly complex in their data structures. Informatica Smart Partitioning helps Oracle customers manage large volumes of data in these complex applications by organizing the data at a business level. Leveraging Oracle’s native partitioning capability, Informatica Smart Partitioning is designed to abstract the technical layer of the database into understandable business terms such as General Ledger, North America Sales, or Order Management. This allows our Oracle clients to then partition across these business concepts as opposed to individual tables in the database. The business level organization of the database allows us to compress older data, optimize queries to only relevant data, and safely tier storage across highly complex applications.

Q: What are the alternatives to managing high-growth applications?

A: Many organizations turn to manual tuning to solve performance challenges and buying more hardware to manage storage of the data. We believe that you should always employ these technologies and methods, as they are needed as part of an overall best practices strategy for maintaining system health. However, these methods can be costly and are often temporary fixes to a more systemic problem caused by our increasing appetite to store more data. The smart partitioning functionality allows IT to eliminate the systemic effects of data growth in terms of both program performance and streamlined operations.

Q: What are some examples of Oracle clients using Informatica Smart Partitioning toward a successful business outcome?

Informatica Smart Partitioning helps Oracle customers manage large volumes of data in complex applications by organizing the data at a business level.”

A: We are very excited about our customer base and how they utilize our Informatica Smart Partitioning technology to drive better business outcomes with their Oracle technology. A large manufacturer is using Informatica Smart Partitioning to deploy across dozens of Oracle applications around the world. Their main business driver was to accelerate the performance of the applications to drive efficiencies in manufacturing facilities, order processes, and financial reporting. Their secondary concern was the cost of the overall infrastructure required to support over 150TB of application data spread out in over 30 countries while being able to aggregate that data for financial reporting and analysis. Using Informatica Smart Partitioning as the standard best practice for Oracle data management, they are on track to deliver over US$23 million in cost savings related to hardware and storage. The average performance gain in the system was between 40 to 50 percent, allowing for faster end-of-period closes and better operational visibility.

Another successful client in the telecommunications industry was able to use Informatica Smart Partitioning to take control of a high growth sales application that increased their sales effectiveness and delivered visibility to the activities of thousands of sales people across the company. This mission-critical application was experiencing performance problems and impacting the ability of the front-line sales team members to deliver service to their clients. They had reached a point where field managers in certain markets were reverting to other methods outside of the application, which caused management to lose the visibility into the operations that it had planned when the application was first deployed. After exploring hardware alternatives as well as performing manual tuning exercises, the IT team was out of options. After an introduction to Informatica Smart Partitioning, the IT team was able to deploy the software on their Oracle E-Business Suite environment and bring system resource utilization from 100 percent to a sustainable and predictable 25 percent, creating performance improvement of over 90 percent on critical processes. The system has now been adopted by all markets, which has restored the business visibility and increased the sales effectiveness of critical front-line employees.

Key Benefits of Informatica Smart Partitioning with Oracle Technology
  • Increase in application performance by 80 percent or more with business policy data segmentation
  • Improved database operations and manageability while automating database partitioning and compression tasks
  • Retention of full access to all required data while preserving application integrity
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