A Revolutionary Solution

Oracle Senior Vice President Juan Loaiza on Oracle’s self-securing autonomous Oracle Database 18c

By Alison Weiss

Winter 2018

Lately, enterprise cyberattacks are making the news much too frequently, putting the spotlight on database security. Here Juan Loaiza, senior vice president of database systems technology at Oracle, discusses why security threats are escalating and how Oracle’s self-securing autonomous Oracle Database 18c is a revolutionary solution.

juan Loaiza

Juan Loaiza, Senior Vice President of Database Systems Technology at Oracle

Profit: Why are the stakes so high for enterprise security breaches?

Loaiza: Traditionally, companies have been in charge of their own database security, but that’s not working anymore because today breaches are very sophisticated—involving people or criminal organizations with extreme levels of resources. Enterprises need to partner up with another company such as Oracle that has the resources, the experience, and thousands of engineers that can be on their side to protect against cyberattacks.

Profit: Why is it so critical for Oracle Database 18c to be safer and more available compared to manual database management?

Loaiza: Oracle has been working on database technology for decades. The hard part is not the automation. It’s making the technology safer. It has to be safer and more reliable than what you can do yourself—otherwise you’re not going to use it to support mission-critical workloads.

Profit: How does Oracle Database 18c automate safety and reliability?

Loaiza: To protect against internal and external attacks and also against failure, Oracle Database 18c incorporates a lot of technology that we’ve built over the years, such as Oracle Database Vault. The database offers a system availability rate of 99.995 percent. Oracle understands that as soon as a security issue is identified, it needs to be addressed, so the deployment of security updates has been completely automated and doesn’t require going offline.

Photography by Margot Hartford,