Big Ideas

A New Beginning

By Aaron LazenBy

November 2011

You could now be holding in your hands (be it in paper or digital form) a last-of-its-kind edition of Profit. Next year, the magazine will look radically different from the current issue. The changes we’re making reflect a gradual shift in strategy that readers may have noticed over the past 18 months.

For one, the tagline “The Executive’s Guide to Oracle Applications” doesn’t really fit anymore. Profit reports on the Oracle products that help our customers meet their business goals—whether those products are Oracle applications or whether they include Oracle Database, Oracle hardware, or Oracle services, too. The common thread is that Profit stories detail real business challenges and solutions where Oracle plays a role. And because for many customers that role is expanding, the scope of our coverage is expanding along with it.

We’ve also monitored the increasing importance IT executives have in the operations of the modern global enterprise. Businesses cannot be successful if the technology team is isolated—or isolates itself—in an impenetrable, rarified world. It does a disservice to their influence and limits the benefits they can bring to the whole enterprise. Dell Inc. CIO Robin Johnson put it best in the August 2011 issue of Profit: “IT is a wonderful place to look at how the business actually operates,” he said. “You’re seeing the actual process interaction between departments.” Profit will embrace this reality moving forward.

This perspective also underscores the deep importance of enterprise computing systems in the operational infrastructure of the modern enterprise. Profit’s approach to customer feature articles will reflect that reality, diving deeper into our customers’ businesses and illustrating our stories with more visuals that help tell their stories.

These major shifts in editorial strategy, along with some minor ones, will manifest in a Profit that looks very different than the current issue. I’m eager to get to work on the new book, and I hope you’ll be eager to read it.

I also want to thank the members of the Profit team, without whom each issue (not to mention the redesign) would never happen: Jan Rogers, Profit’s stellar (and patient) managing editor; Richard Merchán, our creative dervish of an art director; Leslie Steere, our steady and understanding ombudswoman; Jaime Ferrand and Sheila Brennan, our design and production mavens; and Jennifer Hamilton and Karin Kinnear, our publisher and circulation master. Without these people, and a multitude of writers, salespeople, copyeditors, and Oracle managers, I would not be able to do my job. Many thanks to you all.

Onward and upward . . . see you on the other side!

Photography by Shutterstock