Customer Experience

A Massive Culture Shift

Helping employees embody core values

By Tara Swords

Spring 2018

Up until the last several years, Denon & Marantz (D+M) leadership considered retailers to be the company’s customers. But leaders knew they had to shift their focus to the end user. That change would have to take place at every level of the company, and it started in town hall meetings that were meant to inspire employees, boost morale, and disseminate a new set of values that would guide every employee’s decisions and customer interactions. Those values—integrity, innovation, teamwork, and excellence—are also communicated directly to customers on the company’s website, so they know what to expect from Sound United, D+M’s new parent company.

For Brendon Stead, senior vice president of product development at Sound United, this new focus helps him to stay in touch with the real reason customers come to Sound United. It’s not just for a product; it’s for an emotional experience.

“I love this work because of the combination of creativity, emotions, and technical challenges,” Stead says. “One of the best things that I get to do every week is bring in someone who has never really had an authentically amazing audio experience. It’s not like we’re making a modem and saying, ‘Wow, look how fast that data is going!’ We’re giving them an emotional experience.”

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Photography by Sound United