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A Complete Enterprise View

Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g ties it all together.

August 2010

The global economy now means many enterprises also have increasingly complex customer relationships, supply chains, and IT operations distributed around the world. Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g, introduced in spring 2010, is Oracle’s effort to simplify enterprise management and enable executives to see new efficiency, productivity, and business value from IT.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g is an enterprise management solution that provides a comprehensive management environment for IT managers and technology executives to gain a clear visibility into business issues. It also provides the ability to drill down to details of user experience management, business transaction management, business service management, application management, and configuration management. For enterprises struggling to manage datacenters where information is too often segmented into disconnected silos, Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g provides a holistic, integrated picture of the health of enterprise systems and supports the timely detection and notification of impending problems. “Our goal with Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g is to provide a single tool to give you all the information you need in a single environment to relate all the pieces of what is often a pretty complex IT infrastructure,” says Richard Sarwal, senior vice president of product development.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g has serious implications for IT managers looking to improve the performance of their enterprise systems. This latest release supports business-driven application management, which Sarwal says allows IT to analyze application performance from an end-user perspective—measuring response time and throughput through the entire environment. With Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g, IT can immediately look at an application, extract specific business transactions, and identify which parts of the application require performance tuning. Now, IT can be much more proactive, productive, and efficient in understanding how these certain transactions are affecting business and improving overall IT value. “IT can then quickly isolate and remediate those issues in ways that have not been possible until now,” says Sarwal.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g also offers “full stack” management capabilities that integrate hardware and software in a single management and monitoring platform. With Oracle now offering solutions at every tier of enterprise IT—hardware, virtualization, operating systems, database, middleware, and applications—Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g provides a single view of how it all works together in the enterprise. “The benefit is that it comes all preintegrated, so Oracle does a lot of the work. It reduces the cost of deploying the software, ongoing maintenance, and monitoring of the software stack and offers customers great return on investment,” says Sarwal.

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