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A Catalyst for Digital Transformation

Alliance Partner Q&A

Accenture and Oracle join forces to form a new group that helps customers realize the benefits of the cloud faster and with reduced risk.

August 2015

Oracle Business Group helps customers embrace the cloud to achieve their digital transformation goals. Through the group, Accenture and Oracle are developing and delivering industry-specific solutions built on the Oracle Cloud to deliver business value and innovation—with speed, agility, and reduced risk. Accenture Managing Director Brian Sullivan discusses how the group brings together Accenture’s and Oracle’s leading technology, skills, and experience to offer businesses the ability to help customers move to the cloud faster.

What was the impetus for forming the group?


Brian Sullivan, Managing Director, Accenture


Our customers want to transform themselves into integrated digital enterprises, and are utilizing virtualized services to accelerate this transformation. We want to help business leaders quickly react to changing economic conditions by leveraging software that addresses their specific business and industry requirements. They demand secure solutions that provide industry and competitive differentiation. They prefer a simplified consumption model that can flex as their business evolves. Finally, they want to achieve their digital transformation at speed, low cost, and with a managed risk profile. The Accenture Oracle Business Group helps address these needs and serves as a catalyst for digital transformation for our customers.

How is this different from how Accenture and Oracle are already working together?

Oracle and Accenture have already forged a successful relationship working with customers who are adopting cloud. We saw an opportunity to build on that success and work together more closely. We wanted to create new solutions, and simplify and streamline the buying process for Accenture solutions based on Oracle Cloud technologies. Customers should find it easier to meet their industry-specific needs around digital technology through this new framework.

Are you focusing on any industries in particular?

Our customers’ cloud solutions need to support their business processes and buttress the innovation that’s essential for succeeding in their sector. With the Accenture Oracle Business Group, they can leverage next-generation cloud applications, tailored for their industry, specifically designed to address the challenges of the fast-changing digital marketplace. Beginning with cloud solutions for the government, financial services, and hospitality industries, the group’s prebuilt solutions, adapters, accelerators, and extensions help improve the range of business processes and strategic capabilities used in each sector, such as financial management, human resources, and regulatory reporting. Additional cloud solutions are in development for a host of other industries, and our accelerators, adapters, and the Accenture Foundation Platform for Oracle Cloud support the needs of our customers in nearly any industry.

This is a game-changer for Accenture, Oracle, and our customers.”—Brian Sullivan, Managing Director, Accenture

What are the group’s solutions?

The group’s solutions are built using Oracle’s software-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service capabilities delivered via the Accenture Foundation Platform for Oracle, a multicomponent development and integration accelerator running in Oracle Cloud. The group offers preintegrated, enterprise-class cloud solutions and a robust service catalog to help simplify migration to the cloud and accelerate overall innovation. Many of our customers want to move to the cloud, but they have complicated IT environments consisting of on-premises legacy applications and various cloud applications. Our team of specialists helps customers architect a path to the cloud, and also helps them work with and integrate their current IT environments. The group also offers accelerators such as cloud readiness assessments and data migration, testing, and training tools that can help reduce the time and risk associated with implementation and shift the focus to innovation and growth. Our vertical solutions and extensions are designed to reduce the need for customization while addressing industry and customer requirements.

Who are the team members in the new group?

The Accenture Oracle Business Group includes resources from both Accenture and Oracle, consisting of sales, marketing, and technical consultants who support our experienced industry specialists. Specialists from both Accenture and Oracle collaborate to identify business requirements, develop solutions, execute goto- market strategies, and help implement new cloud solutions for customers to support their digital transformation goals.

What are the benefits to customers?

Our customers benefit from the combination of Oracle’s Cloud base and Accenture’s industry-specific extensions and accelerators, resulting in a personalized pathway to the cloud that makes the most sense for your business and marketplace. We help assess our customers’ current environment, formulate a cloud-migration strategy that is safe, predictable, and affordable, and execute their transformation with leading technologies, tools, and knowledge. This is a game-changer for Accenture, Oracle, and our customers.

How does the new model fit in with the overall Accenture- Oracle alliance strategy?

Accenture has been working with Oracle for more than 23 years, has been Oracle’s #1 systems integrator globally for the last 11 years, and was the first member of Oracle PartnerNetwork to achieve Diamond status, the highest level achievable. Together, we are advancing our leadership position by providing a set of solutions to customers that allow them to reduce the cost of operating their business, become a leader in their industry, get value from their cloud investments faster, and consume it in a simplified manner.

A Simple, Industry- Focused Model

The Accenture Oracle Business Group is backed by our global resources and capabilities, including Accenture’s more than 52,000 Oracle-skilled professionals and 20,000 Java professionals globally, and experience in delivering 8,000 cloud projects— along with Oracle’s deep set of cloud solutions.

The group provides

  • Industry-focused functional solutions leveraging Oracle’s platform as a service and based on Oracle’s Cloud Applications roadmap
  • Industry-tailored solutions that do not currently exist in the market—these solutions are designed to help our customers achieve differentiation in their own markets
  • Accelerators such as cloud readiness assessments and data migration, testing, and training tools that can help reduce the time and risk associated with implementation

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This advertorial was originally published in the August 2015 edition of Profit.

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