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A Better Finance Function

PwC has a unique value proposition for Oracle customers looking to move their finance operations to the cloud.

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For customers seeking to modernize their finance operations, PwC offers deep expertise in Oracle financial solutions, a business-led technology approach, a focus on measurable results, and a broad scope of services and experience. Larry Abramson, a principal at PwC specializing in Oracle Cloud applications and engineered systems, discusses PwC’s unique value proposition for Oracle customers looking to move their finance function to the cloud.

What are the chief reasons customers are moving their finance function to the cloud?


Larry Abramson, PwC


Companies are now using cloud-based financial solutions to create remarkable business opportunities across the enterprise. They’re enhancing their corporate agility, increasing collaboration and innovation, and running their businesses with dramatically less investment. In fact, many companies are reducing total cost of ownership by up to 60 percent over a 10-year period.

What is PwC’s strategy on helping customers with the finance function?

Our accounting, organizational, and technology skills help enhance the core transaction processing and reporting competencies of our clients’ finance function, while strengthening its ability to support management decisionmaking and corporate strategy. We assist the finance integration team by providing Oracle and finance business process professionals to help them lead the finance work stream of the larger integration effort, provide the extra support needed to utilize new functionality in finance upgrades, or help with finance transformation initiatives that require a blend of both Oracle and finance consulting support.

How do you start such a project?

We usually start a project by exploring what the client is hoping to accomplish by moving to the cloud. For instance, PwC helped a global digital industrial company provide professional services in connection with the implementation of Oracle Cloud, reducing risk and lowering cost over an on-premises upgrade. Our clients have improved business processes, gained operational efficiency, and enhanced employee engagement with Oracle’s cloud technologies.

What does PwC do to help customers move their financials to the cloud?

PwC’s Rapid Fit to Cloud (RF2C) is a proprietary framework that enables us to deliver Oracle Cloud Financials in an extremely short time frame. RF2C is built on PwC experience in Oracle implementations leveraging our dedicated Cloud Center of Excellence. It features accelerators and a prebuilt prototype, and is implemented with an agile, iterative methodology. This framework makes moving to the cloud both fast and painless—and then helps businesses efficiently handle the speedy new cadence of cloud updates. It’s not uncommon for our clients to deploy a core Oracle financial solution in the cloud in as little as 18 weeks.

Why do customers choose PwC for their finance-in-thecloud projects?

PwC is a global company with delivery capabilities of more than 3,500 Oracle professionals in 110 countries, and 2,000-plus Oracle engagements. We are an Oracle Diamond Partner and an Oracle Cloud Elite Partner. We deliver results— a large manufacturing client increased its top line margin growth by enabling deal margins analysis for sales leaders, and was able to decrease time spent on revenue recognition monthly postings by 70 percent. For companies that need to invest in innovation to fuel their future success, PwC’s Oracle Practice delivers cloud-fueled inspiration and experience. We leverage Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud financials to help clients manage costs, boost operational efficiencies, and accelerate decision-making with real-time information.

This advertorial was originally published in the August 2016 edition of Profit.

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