Big Ideas

Special Delivery

By Aaron LazenBy

August 2010

Since 2004, Oracle has grown to include a slew of acquired applications and technologies that together make up the most complete software portfolio in the enterprise computing space. The addition of Sun in January 2010 further expanded Oracle’s reach into hardware, allowing the company to offer a full stack of solutions that are designed and configured to work together. Software. Hardware. Complete.

Aaron Lazenby

But during that same period, Profit has not similarly expanded. For every issue, we still do 50 pages of stories about the business impact of enterprise technology. And we still do it four times a year.

As the full stack of Oracle software and hardware grow closer together, the solutions become more powerful and the implementations more interesting. Additionally, many of the software companies Oracle acquired over the years previously had their own publications, with their own stories to tell and their own audiences. With so much to cover, Profit can’t in every issue address all of the product lines, industries, and user communities that a company with the size and influence of Oracle has to offer.

So special edition issues of Profit constitute an effort by our editorial staff to address the needs of Oracle’s expanding customer and partner communities. The issues are filled with the same mix of interviews, columns, features, and product news readers expect from a normal issue of Profit, but with a special emphasis on a select slice of the Oracle portfolio. These stories are mixed with contributions from some of Oracle’s premier partners—companies that implement, extend, or augment Oracle’s solutions and have many experiences to share about the development of technology and the state of the enterprise computing marketplace.

This issue addresses one of the first application communities Oracle acquired: JD Edwards. The company came to Oracle as part of the acquisition of PeopleSoft—a company that had acquired JD Edwards only two years earlier. JD Edwards has a loyal customer base, an active user community, and functionality that fits well with specific industries, business processes, and enterprise sizes. I hope this special edition of Profit helps shed some light on the amazing work Oracle customers, partners, and developers are doing with the application family and how it fits into Oracle’s overall enterprise IT strategy.

Look for another Profit special edition in 2011 and at regular intervals from then on. I know I’m looking forward to digging deeper into some of these product lines and great stories in a new publication.

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