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Would you like to be rewarded for sharing your knowledge with your peers?

Tanya Heise
Sr Principal Technical Support Engineer

Thank you to Alan Boucher for this post!

Well you can with the My Oracle Support Community (MOSC) Rewards & Recognition program! 

This program is a way for Oracle to recognize community participants, and shows the value placed on community participation and sharing real-world expertise. As community collaboration increases, all members have access to a larger number and range of best practices and solutions than any one individual could create alone. The program is engaging, flexible, and adaptable to changing community needs and requirements, and it is intended to foster participation and collaboration. It greatly enhances your opportunity to broaden your knowledge, which in turn will increase your reputation. It scales as both you and the community grow. Finally, it's fun -- and we want you to have fun as well!

In addition to reward points, badges are awarded for many types of participation. Points go towards your reputation level. Most badges are earned based on a concept called missions.

Missions can take many faces, including:

  • Normal community activity such as starting a discussion, marking a reply as correct or helpful, or creating or voting on an idea -- just to name a few examples.
  • Cumulative activities; for example when 75 of your replies are marked Helpful by others.

Screenshot of Mission Examples

Reputation Levels:

To see your current level and all possible levels, go to View Profile (your profile page) and click on the Reputation tab. On the Activity bar, you can click on the arrow for levels to see all the possible levels that you can achieve, as well as your current status highlighted in a different color. These details are visible to other users based on your privacy settings.

Your current level is also visible for all users on your profile page beside your profile images. Anyone can also see the details of your points by hovering over your username which is displayed besides any of your activity.

In a discussion thread in which you've posted, your level number appears next to your Avatar. It is colored to show at a glance what your general level tier is. Note that colors start from cool and get warmer, up until "Oracle Red" at the highest levels.

Chart of MOSC Reputation Levels

Badges are also given to community users who:

  • Are moderators so that you can easily recognize them.
  • Have engaged in the My Oracle Support Accreditation program.
  • Performed some special activity where unique badges like ‘Random Acts’ or ‘MOSC Feature User’ are awarded.


Rewards and Recognition (MOSC) is live!

Visit this site to see these features:

  • Carousel provides links to important announcements and program documentation
  • “Featured User” section will rotate monthly amongst the lines of business
  • Suggest and vote on ideas for improvements to the program



Earn Certificates for rising through the reputation ranks of the community! 



For more information about this program:

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