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Operational Planning ─ Introducing Unshackled Planning Applications on Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud

Tanya Heise
Sr Principal Technical Support Engineer

Thank you to Manish Daga, Venu Machiraju, Suren Seshadri and Shankar Viswanathan, EPM Product Development, for the  presentation on this topic.

Free Form Planning

Excel workbook models are inefficient. Customers have been leveraging Essbase for free form planning for many years and are looking for a SaaS based free form planning process that offers flexibility of Essbase; has the ability to create cubes from excel; enables robust web based planning capabilities and connect these free form and structured planning apps across the organization.

Free form Planning is another application type within EPM Cloud Service - Planning Business Process without requiring prerequisite dimensionality or its associated functionality. The following are the primary characteristics of free form planning application:

  • Does not require all Planning specific dimensions
  • The scale of the dimensions is large (~1 million)
  • Leverages Essbase calculation engine
  • Performs instantaneous roll-up
  • Application can be created using Essbase OTL or empty cube
  • Support UI features like Dashboards, Web forms, Valid Combinations etc

Free Form Planning provides the following:

  • Build open definition models quickly
    • No required dimensions
    • Import Essbase outlines
    • Hybrid/BSO or ASO cube
    • Leverage EPM platform features – Web and Smart View
  • Single cube per app | Multi app
  • Build large scale models
    • Large # of dimensions
    • Large # of members
  • 2019 roadmap
    • Import Essbase LCM (Q3 CY19)
    • Create app using template in Smart View (Q3 CY19)
    • Web based quick app wizard (Q4 2019)

Free Form Scenario Modeling

Free Form Scenario Modeling provides the following:

  • Single click model creation from excel templates.
  • Copy paste from excel to create model metadata
  • Create model hierarchies and perform “what-if” scenario modeling
  • Model data can be sliced and diced into “views” and persisted.
    • Views can be included within dashboards.
  • Connect models with free form cubes
  • Create models from free form cubes.

Free Form Scenario Model Dimensions

  • Time - Hierarchical single year-period dimension
  • Measures - Free form open set of measures/KPIs/drivers
  • Values – Input / Output - Allows for driver based forecasting like sales as a growth rate
  • Scenario - Associate multiple scenarios to compare

Introducing Simplified Model Builder

  • Convert your excel models into Free form Planning Model
  • Start with a small & simple application and enhance over a period of time
  • Any business user can build the model in few hours

Connected Planning Use Cases

  • Align top-down Financial Plans with bottom-up Demand Plans
    • Improved Accuracy
    • Predictability of Financial Forecasts
  • Align Demand Plans with Inventory Management/Supply Planning
  • Integrate Departmental Planning with Corporate Planning
    • Independent planning process
    • Country/Region specific needs
    • Scalable Architecture
  • Provide Unified View of Plans across domain
  • Blend the UI flows across Corporate Plans and Department Plans
    • Provide secure view as per the need
    • Corporate Users have more visibility into the department plans
  • Integrated workflow between ERP and Operational Planning Systems

Refer to the presentation for more information regarding:

  • Comparable features between Essbase and Free Form
  • Free Form, Custom & Module Based Planning
  • Implementation Guideline
  • Unified Functional Navigation
  • Data Integration Implementation Guideline
  • Rest API Integration
  • Incremental Data Loads
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